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Whistleblower: Mnuchin's Touted Analysis Claiming 'Tax Cuts for Rich Pay For Themselves' Doesn't Even Exist


Whistleblower: Mnuchin's Touted Analysis Claiming 'Tax Cuts for Rich Pay For Themselves' Doesn't Even Exist

Jake Johnson, staff writer

One critic called the Treasury Department's failure to release a comprehensive analysis of the tax bill a "shocking abdication of responsibility"


" Countless breakdowns of the plan’s details have demonstrated overwhelmingly that it will favor the wealthiest Americans including Trump and his family."

Just more corroboration of what I said back in 2016, Trump running for POTUS was strictly a business decision.


Time for a Wealth Cap:



Did we even need this confirmation of the tax cut paying for themselves lies? We have at least three real world experiments with this nonsense. President Reagan’s tax cuts created up to that time world record budget deficits and nearly tripled the national debt. President G. W. Bush’s tax cuts produced more of the same results when the national debt almost doubled during his two years. Further the state of Kansas is a fiscal basket case after tax cut failed to “pay for themselves.” The state assembly had to override Gov. Brownback’s veto and raise taxes.

Really, if anything’s a no brainer, the real world experience with tax cuts not paying for themselves is it.


this is classic trickle down garbage. It’s not like Munchkin just invented this lie. It’s been around since the 1980s.

The only evidence ever collected on trickle down economics is the kind that proves it doesn’t work.


This “analysis” is just the latest example of fake news that the GOP uses to turn lies into facts by having faux news and their other media repeat their lies so often.

The GOP has been the number one originator of fake news for decades, that is why Trump continually accuses everybody else of originating fake news.


Conservative dogma tells us that gov’t should tax what is held to be harmful, and subsidize what is held to be beneficial. So apparently, by that standard, conservatives must believe that wage labor is harmful, while environmental pollution, speculation on margin, inheritance and collecting rents are all beneficial. Why don’t they just come out and say it, I wonder?


The GOP has not been “conservative” for at least a half century…fascist, yes, but NOT “conservative”.

GOP Patron Saint Ronny ran up more deficit in 8 years than than the defcit of all his predecessors combined over a 192 year period. That is 180 degrees from “conservative”. Ronny is more popular today among the GOP and corporate dims than he was when he was POTUS…very sick.


Right: Through massive cuts to our social safety net, yeah, that one, the miserably inadequate one we already have–and also by raising the taxes on those in the bottom. This mendacious trickster makes “Tricky Dick” Nixon look honest.


When did the GOP EVER “pay down debt” ?


Yes, and this is their strategy to get white middle class folks blame their high taxes on all those “generous” services to the poor. Don’t you love it how they complain about the deficit when it is not being raised by them?


Not aware of a single time but then this is what they want and need. Since a lot less money will go into the already inadequate common pool the deficit will go up: Oh my! The deficit is way up by trillions! We cannot afford to keep our promises to Social Security, Medicare (not a promise actually since we have all been paying into it) and Medicaid, etc. Oh but don’t worry: We will find the trillions to continue endless war but forget single payer since the ballooning deficit, our perfect excuse, will make this impossible.


One of the fools backed into a corner by Republican flim-flammery on deficits was Obama.

His attempt to craft a Grand Bargain is exhibit A.


Of course they are playing a game with no integrity. That has been the course of their whole careers and apparently the scams have paid off well. Integrity and honor don’t count in their court. State and local governments could pick up the slack by taxing the wealthy for services initiated and provided for by state and local government. Maybe the federal government does need to get out of a lot of stuff. I have no doubt that they are going to try and hurt the middle class and low income classes to the benefit of the rich. Their schemes can be subverted but it will take strong and direct action from the state and local governments. Cities and counties can create their own food stamp, housing programs, health programs and tax those who have the resources to pay for it. Of course people will suffer in places like Texas, Alabama and the other parts of the old confederacy. Maybe its time to help people leave those places and take their labor with them. The federal government does not seem to operate at the will of the people.

Can we make the local and state politicians more responsive? I think so - they are closer to us than those that leave us and move into a Washington zone disconnected from the rest of the country. I think centralization is usually a bad thing - too much power in one place and that needs to be ended. In fact, I recommend that all federal income taxes are filed by the states (50 federal income tax filings) and the state gets the money from local governments which is where individual taxes should be filed and the funds go to pay for local schools and other services first before sending on to the state. I think this would give a lot more power with the federal government to the people through their state and local governments.

Of course, we need to make sure they don’t try to steal all of the money they have collected from social security/medicare and other things the centralized government has control over.


The Trump Regime - shameless, lying scum from top to bottom. Even if Trumpo the Klown is brought down we will still have to reckon with Pence and this whole loathsome bunch of gangsters. These are tragic times for what is left of our country and much of the blame belongs with an incredibly stupid segment of the population who continue to believe this appalling horseshit peddled by the so-called “Republican” party. We have descended to the level that Isaac Asimov warned us about - when the blatant ignorance of these right-wing idiots has become as legitimate as our facts. This will not end well.


I am not convinced that Obama didn’t feel all warm and fuzzy in that corner.


The Republican wet dream is fast becoming a reality.
Obviously, the disdain and hatred of the workers is all too clear.
Workers of the world and U.S. Inc… rise up!


In 1952, the corporate income tax accounted for 33 percent of all federal tax revenue. Today, despite record-breaking profits, corporate taxes bring in less than 9 percent. This tax bill will bring that 9 percent down through the floor. Guess where the difference comes from? Meeting that difference represents a massive increase in the liability of the bottom and middle class for the national debt and all future government expenditures, transferred from the top down. Republicans love redistribution as long as benefits go up and costs are redistributed down.

Fraud permeates the Republican Party and sucked integrity out of every one of them that votes for this monstrosity of a bill. Don’t make the mistake of thinking they are bona fide, believing the tripe they’re peddling: they’re not that stupid. They deserve no respect, and to treat them with respect is to lie. Let’s drop the title, “President” when referring to Donald Trump: it degrades the office.


not surprised


Reagan was involved in all kinds of corrupt and impeachable activities. Didn’t matter to the right wing faithful - that is what they want. They have no integrity, decency or honor. They have no interest in the welfare of the country and its people - let alone the people of the world. I know they didn’t cry over the dead in central America.

I think most people know that Reagan and his people had a deal with the Iranians to hold the hostages until after the election of 1980. Funny, the American people didn’t hold him accountable for that atrocious act and it started the down hill slide for the country.