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Whistleblower: Mnuchin's Touted Analysis Claiming 'Tax Cuts for Rich Pay For Themselves' Doesn't Even Exist


I normally refrain from ad hominem attacks but Steve Mnuchin is complete corporate financial tool. He makes me almost as sick as the dead SC Justice Scalia. Reprehensible. The neo-liberal model or trickle down economics doesn’t work. We’ve been under it’s thumb for over 40 years and we keep going backward as more public institutions get sold off to profiteers; unions busted, educational systems, prisons, healthcare insurance, on and on. Of one last tidbit. Neo-liberal economics does work for the 1%er’s and higher brackets, that’s why it stays firmly in place.


There used to be some leaders that were fiscal conservatives and social liberals. They did not want to see waste and irresponsible use of the public’s funds. Those kind of people are long gone replaced by neo-cons who don’t mind wasting money on the military industrial complex or border walls and have no social conscience at all.


Ol’ Tricky Dickey buddy ushered in neo-liberal economics when he turned US currency into fiat dollars in '71 and then into petro-dollars in '73. That led to Reagan’s massive tax cuts to wealth and business in the 80’s. The rest, as they say, is history.


It was the sweet warmth of bi-partisanship he was basking in.

Because he was so smart, he could get Republicans on board by meeting them well past half way.

That worked out well for Democrats, didn’t it?


Don’t leave the democrats out of the picture. The last real democrat was Johnson in the 60’s. The othere were neo-liberal tools.


LIke his peers in the other cabinet positions and his former boss, Cohn in the WH…they are out to protect their own interests/investments/stock portfolios devoid of any care about or compassion for the rest of us plebians. A giant “Phuque U” would have been a more honest statement from this modern-day Shylock. Bet he repeated this mantra while at GS used by the “investment gurus:” IBG, YBG (I’ll be gone, you’ll be gone) so take what you can in any way you can…legal or illegal…while you can."

Ugly on this secretary of treachery is not only on the outside, it goes all the way to the bone. Just another serpent of Satan and servant of greed.


Same old nonsense. Supply side is political theory, not economic theory.


The Trump “leftists” told us over and over that the establishment and Wall Street hated him. I mean they just hated him.


As I’ve stated before, those most responsible for Trump sitting in the White House are Corporate State Democrats that set out on the neoliberal economic ship of disaster from the shores of Al From’s DLC, with Captain Bill Clinton at ye ole helm.


What is “shocking” about this? Any more than what Pruitt, Zinke, DeVos, ad nauseum are doing?
They are doing the jobs they were assigned.
When are politicians, experts and media figures going to stop feigning shock at Don and his wrecking crew, and start doing whatever is within their power to prevent our country from going down the drain?
P.S. Maddow reported a story in which Mnuchin claims that a very large Treasury staff is working “around the clock” on the $ figure “benefits” of the tax bill. Turns out that not only is that not the case, but that the majority of said staff is being excluded from the calculation process.


And the fly in the ointment is that the Senate evaluation (created to reinforce their lies) also came up with a $1.45 TRILLION$$$ deficit (among many other pitfalls). No matter how hard they tried, they could not skew the glaring numbers but guess all those self-proclaimed GOP “deficit hawks” in the Senate will forgo reality and vote for the damning destruction of all Americans (except, of course, the wealthiest and corporations) and pass this draconian piece of devil’s work. (They are only “concerned” about the deficit when Dems attempt to pass legislation to shore up the social safety net, protect the environment, or refurbish the infrastructure when they are in the majority.) All the science fiction of Bradbury, Asimov, Clarke, etc. is currently being played out under the tyranny of DJT and his henchmen.


Marco Rubio gave the game away about Medicare and Social Security being next. We are living Paul Ryan’s wet dream.


Precisely stated.


I think those responsible on the Left were (and are) the Trump Leftist enablers, not a president or organization out of office since the 90s. They created their own stories to justify their ignorant support for, or indirect support of, a man who spent the last two decades running cons on retirees and contractors, who did not disclose an iota of his finances in any meaningful way. You didn’t have to like Hillary to see the obvious. That’s on them, full stop.

The real culprit in all of this though, is white people voting as a block for the white guy, as Nate Silver has pointed out. Trump tapped into the ugly reality of American politics post first black president, one that’s always existed. Whites were gonna get theirs, and I basically heard that over and over again in my red area.


The insider slogan worn in the inside bands of those offensive red bill-caps read :Make America and the World White again."


You really do need to get a grasp as to what happened over the last 4 decades, relative to the advent of the DLC, and the seminal Presidency of one Bill Clinton.

So the pro-corporate power advanced by President Clinton had no consequence relative to a rise of a fake populist Donald Trump?

So Hillary Clinton and the rest of the Corporate State Democrats had nothing to do with the intentional crushing of the true populist movement of Sanders?

I think you are blind to so much in this regard. I respect your contribution on this forum, and we agree on many points. But you constantly apologize for the Democratic side of the corporate coup that has occurred over the last 40 years, and a Donald Trump is the natural result.


I know and work around a ton of Republicans. Some are family members. They liked Trump because he was going to kick out the “illegals” and was going to stop taxing (white) people so others could get free stuff, like Obama phones. He was also going to stop all that evil Obama era regulation too. The only people I heard discussing the DLC etc. were folks on the Left, mainly on this website.


What’s your point? What, the turn of the Democratic Party, as pertains to where the power lies within the party, is of no concern to you?

You simply don’t agree that the influence of corporate cash is something to be concerned about.

Corporate State Democrats need people like you to keep apologizing for them. You are actually quite good at it, for people still oblivious to what is actually happening.

I mean, it’s pretty much a sealed deal. Sealed for large corporations and super wealthy individuals who have taken complete control of this country.

Historic inequities, and you STILL don’t understand it’s not just a problem of Republicans.

Someday, maybe, you’ll get it.


I do understand. What I don’t understand is the idea that the 1990s are the be-all end-all of why we are where we are at. Under Obama–hell, even to a small extent, under Bush (Sarbanes-Oxley)–a lot of the previous deregulatory regime was undone. Maybe you think not enough, but I am not going to lie about that just to fit a favorite popular and deeply ahistorical narrative (I’ve gone over the history here repeatedly and the real “seminal” election, 1984).

I am also not going to BS about what my Republican coworkers and family was talking about during the election either. Bernie was a commie, Hillary was corrupt. They cared about “illegals” and people getting “free” stuff like Obama phones. They liked Trump because he was going to get stop all that and they voted against an establishment, in their minds, that compromised too much with that unamerican socialist Obama. I heard it over and over and over and over and over. Nobody gave two-cents of a shit about banks or any of the other stuff we yell about on here, except as a hammer to hit Hillary. Healthcare, like everything, was going to get better once we dumped Obama`s socialist regulations, the country’s real problem.

Nate Silver has written repeatedly about how Trump got white people to vote as an ethnic block. Racial appeals were a huge part of this. Hell, Trump is still playing to it today. Martin Longman has written about it too. That’s what turned white rural voters out in droves, not 1990s era neoliberals.

On the influence of corporate cash, I voted for Clinton because I did not want to give a Supreme Court seat to someone like Neil Gorsuch. Too bad I was just “fear voting” right? Those anti-corporate progressives in Wisconsin can enjoy the results of their “brave” third party vote as the new justice makes his presence felt.


Have no idea why you are informing me about Trump and Trump supporters. I get that, and you know this.

Obama was a tool of the large corporations, and will be such until his final curtain drops.

You act as if what happened in the 90s isn’t entirely relevant today. It is entirely relevant. Who said anything about that it’s the end all? Huh? That’s the whole point of my bringing it up again and again to people like yourself who DO NOT GET IT in regard to the intentional remaking of the Democratic Party to serve corporate interests. The so-called Third Rail.

Surely you realize that the Powell Memo has everything to do with where the Republican Party is today, right? Well same goes for the DLC. Today’s rebirth of the DLC is the insufferable corporate servicing prick Joe Lieberman’s group. Same neoliberal economic think tank propaganda completely in line with the DLC, both Clintons, Feinstein, Schumer, Harry clucking Reid, the legendary Max Baucus working in tandem with Wellpoint, and the sorry list goes on and on and on.

I mean, you do recall Obama naming long time enemy of the New Deal, Alan Simpson to head the infamous “Catfood Commission”, and Obama’s toying with introducing cuts to Social Security via that commission’s proposals.

Your last paragraph, you should direct at posters that gave anyone grief for voting for Clinton. Go find a post where I have done so. Good luck!

I have stated time and again, there ARE good Democrats. The problem is where the power center of this party lies. That CURRENT POWER CENTER has its roots in the DLC, and the resultant neoliberal economics put into play in the Democratic Party by the Presidency of Bill Clinton.

I have detailed the major bills pushed for and signed into law by Clinton that was absolutely instrumental in fostering this corporate coup.

But here you are, pretending that none of that matters.

You simply don’t get it.

Sanders and his supporters were screwed over big time by the corporate servicing Democrat named Hillary Clinton who has a lot more in common with Republicans than you would dare admit to.

Her campaign was so dirty, so dishonest, and so damaging to this country. She gave us Trump. She worked tirelessly to kill the only true progressive movement in this country with a chance to at least have a President willing to fight for the majority of people in this country, even those who didn’t get he was fighting for them.

I have given Sanders credit where it is due, and I’ve also criticized him.

I base my arguments on a clear line of principle, and don’t excuse any politician just because they are in some damn club.

I mean, look at where we are at!!! The US is very near at the bottom of the list, in regard to equality. This plummet has been over the span of the last 40 years. Fantasize all you want, that it has been primarily the fault of the Republican Party, if that makes you feel any better.

Instead of moving opposite where the Republican Party has moved as a counter force, the Democratic Party, post DLC, has simply moved to the right as well.

But of course, you will offer up many excuses for that as well.

It is entirely your prerogative.


Just wanted to say KC2669, I apologize if my arguments, when very strident, seem personal. Best.