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Whistleblower Rejects Award to Protest SEC and Wall Street's "Looting"


Whistleblower Rejects Award to Protest SEC and Wall Street's "Looting"

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

A Deutsche Bank whistleblower rejected his portion of a $16.5 million award for exposing corporate crime because the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) let bank officials off the hook, he said Thursday.

Former risk manager Eric Ben-Artzi, who went to federal authorities in 2010 after he was fired from Deutsche Bank for alerting its officials of improper accounting, said the bank and the SEC were so deeply entwined in a revolving-door culture that commissioners refused to properly investigate the firm's top executives.


S..U..P..E..R...H...E...R...O. This is what a real one looks like.


It's always good to read stories like this, to restore faith that persons of integrity are still among us.


There are lots of people with integrity still among us.
Unfortunately our government finds a way to throw them in jail on trumped up charges or make them flee the country to live in embassy's or Russia.


Just have to admire this person. Smart enough to understand there are many things more important than money and strong enough to take a stand. I bow to you sir. Best regards.


Thank god main stream media wil take this story to its front pages and to the top if its nightly newscasts and show not only what real integrity looks like but also further expose the corrupt system for what it is. Wait a minute. I was living in a bizarro world for a minute, and now back to reality I can say with assurance this hero will be buried and relplace by a story of someone saving a cat out of a tree. And I say that thinking all cats should be saved from trees. There is nothing worse than seeing a skeleton of a cat in a tree, other than watchig a nightly news show dished out by the MSM.


Still waiting to hear from that mighty institution the US Dept of Justice.

Quiet, Listen, Why it sounds like Holder's revolving door !!!


Obama's DOJ is too busy making sure that Obama and Hillary avoid indictment before November 9.