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Whistleblowers Challenge Candidates: Stand Against Wall Street Fraud

Whistleblowers Challenge Candidates: Stand Against Wall Street Fraud

Isaiah Poole

Four people who have been at the center of some of the nation’s biggest Wall Street scandals have come together to send a message to the 2016 presidential candidates: Pledge to stand against Wall Street fraud and corruption – not just with words, but with the kind of actions that Americans have long expected but have yet to see.

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Sign it, Bernie, please.

By design, money intimidates and bamboozles most everybody, politicians included. Rather than investigate how money works, politicians, reluctant to show any weakness, acquiesce to the “suggestions” of the banksters to appear “sophisticated”. This has been going on for centuries at least. Once the people and politicians learn a little bit about the money mechanisms, further complexity is added to the process (think mortgage tranches, etc.). Fiat usurious money is holding down humanity, but can it be stopped without violence? I doubt it.

Let’s observe some striking, albeit ominous parallels:

From the article:

“Bowen, for example, was at Citigroup when in 2006 he saw first-hand how the bank was issuing large numbers of subprime mortgages and then selling bundles of those mortgages on the securities market. His warnings that the deals violated bank and regulatory standards not only went unheeded; he was fired for speaking out. His experience, however, was probed by the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission, which was created by Congress to document the causes of the Wall Street meltdown and make recommendations. It was also featured in a powerful “60 Minutes” segment.”

Notice how precisely the same protocols were used in the following instances:

  1. Chelsea Manning worked to expose dangerous, inhumane acts within the military; and when these calls for redress went without any remedial actions, it was the MESSENGER who was held in contempt. This approach allows the wrongdoing to continue. (And that is the point!)

  2. When Edward Snowden sought to raise alarm bells about what he understood to be illegal spying on citizens, he had to take cover for revealing truths that the Deep State–acting outside the Constitutions’ (and Bill of Rights’) protections–did not want known. (By turning the problem into Snowden’s alleged “National Security” violations, the REAL wrongdoing could continue on.)

The same thing happened when a few brave insiders sought to expose the use of Torture at Guantanamo and elsewhere. Typically, these individuals were punished by career demotions or threats of legal action or worse.

In Flint, when the first voices set off alarm bells about the state of the water, they were also told to shut up. It wasn’t until the preponderance of evidence was too great to deny, that noise was made about who was responsible.

Several things are happening.

There’s the “don’t look back… we must move forward” canard which allows “evil-doers” to get away with murder and malfeasance.

The 2nd tier in the strategy paradigm is to shoot, discredit, or legally punish the messengers. Typically, allegations about threats to National Security are used to satisfy this objective.

Last, if finally caught, effort is made to spread the blame around… as if WE all are responsible. Naturally, that protects the REAL actors.

The following statement nails the methodology:

“In today’s era of no-blame settlements and obfuscatory language, “that never happens now,” Black said”.


Why does it all sound so much like the CIA’s very own mantra?

To deny, deceive, mislead, and then make counter-allegations?

This is brilliant and it’s also the model that the high-stakes political players like the Clintons UPHOLD!

"Then there is Black, who in addition to his Keating Five work is known for having essentially written the book on “control fraud,” the methods banks have used to turn fraudulent activity into a business model that is highly profitable and hard to prosecute. The book that explains that topic has a title that says it all: “The Best Way to Rob a Bank Is to Own One.”

U.S. military forces required help from Organized Crime after W.W. II. This was especially true in Italy. Bonds were made and many of them nurtured by Allen Dulles. All genuine research points to this dark marriage in the assassination of JFK and RFK.

Why then is it any wonder that the practices of Wise Guys now seem to be common currency in the land of The Silent Coup’s Fallout?

Wall street fraud bleeds over into political fraud…such as some of the crooked GOP lawmakers want to pass some kind of law making it hard to convict any white collar crime…Welcome to the fraud of the current clowns in washington…Most of if not all of the GOP are on the payroll of financial institutions and so are a lot of democrats including Obama and Hillary…She never met a campaign check she dcidnt like and she likes wall street…Bernie does not…So for homesty and intregrety vote for BERNIE…all the rest are common crooks.

It is a lie that no candidate has signed on to the pledge:


Also a lie that Sanders is closest in “spirit”. People should know there will be someone they can vote for if this issue is important to them.


That was what I was alluding to. It’s well-documented in “The Devil’s Chessboard” by David Talbot; and I recently read that lengthy book.

Thank you! i was just about to post that …

Bad enough these folks don’t cover Stein’s campaign, but to lie about it as well …


Stein has …