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Whistleblower's Lawyers Say Trump Has Put Their Client in Danger as President Publicly Threatens 'Big Consequences'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/30/whistleblowers-lawyers-say-trump-has-put-their-client-danger-president-publicly

“Donald Trump is President of the United States”–has this not all along been a debatable proposition? for many reasons? and a most tedious one at that! No wonder it´s been let to slide so long! O, get on with it and fire his m´f´n´ ass!


He already threatened the whistleblower with death as one of Trumps first reactions to this latest debacle was to say that he or she was a “traitor” and of course “you know what we used to do to traitors.”

Just in case you didn’t realize it, we are now officially a fascist state.


Great photo, by the way, of President Crime Boss giving the finger to Congress and the U.S. Constitution. Of course it´s the wrong finger. But we all know he´s a little, well, confused about such things.


He’s a drowning man grasping at straws.


Yes and or grasping at clubs to pummel those that expose his alternative facts.


Man, we need to get this thug out of the White House YESTERDAY!!


I’m part way thru Time Magazine’s special issue on climate, which is meant, I think, to be a hopeful, positive wake up call.

Everywhere, people are scared - McKibben looks back from 2050, the Great Green Wall is being built across Africa’s Sahel against both the Sahara and hopelessness, the Swiss have a direct Air Capture System up and running…

Then I look at Trump’s face, and I see a Crime Boss, the logical outcome after the coup of '63, which was I think a tipping point. And, like the Arctic Sea Ice Extent of September, the trend line is as clear as day, despite ups and downs, from then to now.

Will the same system that destroyed the Kennedys now get rid of this Crime Boss ?

Will it then drain the swamp ?

You tell me, because, surveying the depressing news from around the world this am, I could use a lift.


I cannot believe 63 million people voted for this asshole.


Kennedy only won by a whisker, and he was running against an asshole.


First, a CIA agent is not a wistle blower unless they are outing CIA malfeasance. They are a CIA operative who’s following some hidden CIA agenda. Second, extorting foreign governments to get what the US wants - in this case what Trump wants - is standard US operating proceedure, yes violates international laws and maybe even domestic laws but that is how the US conducts itself in the world - under both Parties. 3rd, Trump’s bad behavior is exposing Joe Biden and his son Hunter’s corrupt behavior doing the same thing. This is what the Democrats want to impeach Trump over - nafarious behavior that they do themselves.

They are not attempting to impeach Trump for creating massive concentration camps, putting children in cages, severely damaging the clean air and water for future generations, illegally using funds to build his stupid border wall, or his violations of the sovereignty of Venezuela, or inaction on climate change, exacerbating inequality, creating a mass base for a US fascism - no, none of these things.


That’s what I see - depressing.

Just read Michael Mann’s contribution to that Time Magazine special I referred to earlier - basically, Michael says we need carbon pricing and a change of government thinking.

Like Tevia said in “Fiddler on the Roof”

“If the rich will agree - I will agree”


You forgot the /s tags.


Could you supply us with a preferred descriptor as an alternative to “whistle blower?” Thanks.

Also, if some of those who helped “lock down” this call on a highly classified server reserved for matters of national security are intelligence community operatives, would that constitute whistle blowing?

Also, I don’t think locking down this and other calls is illegal, but definitely suspicious.

Do you have some evidence of Joe or Hunter ByeDone committing a crime relative to the Ukraine? I’m asking for something other than the obvious trading on a name and conflict of interest, which are corrupt but not illegal.

Finally, which of Trump’s policies that you cite in the last paragraph of your comment above is impeachable? I’m not trying to be a difficult, but I don’t see one.

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Maybe that’s the problem ?

It seems to me our system of present laws and protections have failed utterly. and I refer here to Canada as well. But thinking about it, you could apply that to Europe as well.


Thanks for keeping us awake, Mr Larsen. The (albeit tentative) conclusions you share from Caitlin Johnstone look reasonable to me: i.e. we don’t know who the hell this “whistleblower” person is, who-all they represent with what agenda. But it is starting to look like there’s something notable taking place at the moment. Within the bowels of the impenetrable exceptionally deluded Empire, true, amongst a pack of liars and fools, yes, but doesn’t it look like our massive mountain of mammon is preparing a bowel movement?

  1. The White House dismisses the complaint as “a six-page Nancy Drew novel.” That sounds remarkably similar to “a third-rate burglary.” (Just a rhyme.)

  2. Orangeman has practically issued the “start reactionary riots now” krystalnacht all-points bulletin… is it working? Is this where random gun-nuts accelerate their terror campaign? Or does not much worse happen than usual?

  3. Rats jumping ship, all over the place. At least the impression thereof.


The idea that Biden’s son did something wrong by taking huge sums of money from a fascist Ukrainian leader is ludicrous. I want one of these 50K/month gigs too. That is totally legal and ethical. At least this hoopla will keep people from going after Biden’s obvious graft! Go Joe! We got yer back!

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Biden while in the Obama administration (2014) helped organized a coup against the government of Ukraine to install a US puppet regime, using actual fascists btw. As part the reward for the coup Biden installed his own son as a board member of a Ukrainian gas company at 50k a month and threatened to withold a billion bucks if a Ukrainian prosecutor noting the corruption was not fired. This is public knowlegde - Biden even bragged about it on TV.

Consortium News has covered this extensively.

Impeachable offense? Impeachment is a political, not legal process. Bill Clinton was impeached over lying about an affaire…


This is not officially sanctioned speech. Could we talk about Trump?

I don’t think that is the problem. If you start impeachment proceedings based on policies you don’t like, all you’re doing is subverting the will of the electorate.

As of now “concentration camps,” “cages,” “deregulating pollutors,” and every other issue cited in that paragraph are policy matters to be fought over in court or the voting booth.