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White al-Qaeda, Trump and Economic Terrorism against El Paso

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/08/white-al-qaeda-trump-and-economic-terrorism-against-el-paso


Thank you Prof Cole. Yes, “Both Trump’s rhetoric and the shooter’s murders target El Paso’s economy in classic terrorist style.” Also their peaceful city and unity that runs counter to the orange bloviator’s narrative of lies and deceit!!

The mass murders in El Paso savaging so many families were domestic terrorism targeting Latino families inspired by the racist rhetoric of trump as sure as the sun rises! The arguably criminal ICE raids in Mississippi and arrest detaining 670 “suspected illegals” savaged their families and children as sure as the El Paso killer did with his murders! The consequences for both affecting families and kids much the same!

The trump/pence/bolton regimes foreign and domestic agenda and policy decisions employ and rely on terrorism; individual, economic, and military… Domestic terrorism against brown and black people, the middle-class and poor, along with massive voter suppression.
International economic terrorism and crimes against humanity against Yemen, Venezuela, Iran, Cuba, Palestinians, all Native Peoples, and any nation or people that doesn’t kowtow to the US/trump (or their war-criminal allies) agenda of hegemony, political domination, environmental genocide, and economic exploitation, all enforced by military/police power…

This agenda is driven by powers behind the scenes, with trump and his regime as front-men for destructive hyper-powerful corporations, the war-machine, banker/wall street - white supremacists/nationalists inspired and used by trump & co to achieve their 1% agenda and theft of trillions. Diversion is the name of the game.

Yes, lets call the racist murders in El Paso and ICE raids/child abuse what they both are; products and tools of a premeditated economic and political agenda to maintain/expand political power - with lots of help from their complicit friends over at the DINO Quisling camp and corporate media whores!.


The US Army is right now in the middle east, central asia and hundreds of other places - some not even found using google earth. Terrorists are identified, hunted down and killed. They do not physically make it into USA to detonate a bomb or mass murder using a 100 cartridge street sweeper magazine. This is SOP over ten years already, thru three presidents. The headline could correctly tell us that about 1,000 white supreme types are within our midst and quite a few are very dangerous dudes. The FBI will attempt to infiltrate this nest of vipers. They did it before to the KKK in 1955 thru 1970.

Extending the allowed investigation time for verifying gun purchases is darn easy to accept by anyone. NRA should be identified as the root cause of our problems with bad guys getting guns.