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White America, Take A Knee


White America, Take A Knee

In swift grim succession, two more dead black bodies, two more shady cop stories, two more fiery cities - Tulsa and Charlotte - proclaiming black lives matter. Even as football players seek to stem the bleeding, the killings of Terence Crutcher - seeking help on a highway, blameless hands in the air - and Keith Scott - sitting in a car, reportedly with a book - remind white Americans of the task before us: "Our brothers and sisters of color should not be kneeling alone."


Now if these players would help organize their union to pressure the leagues, through collective bargaining, to have the uniforms and equipment made in those troubled communities using well paid union labor (or coops which the players could use their considerable incomes to start up) we may be on to something.


Sorry for the run on sentence.


Agreed. Because ultimately, the irrational fear of people of color in this country has roots in a general fear of poor people. When people encounter poor people, their first assumption is that they want to take something away from them, and that automatically makes them fearful. From the panhandler on the street corner to the homeless shelter, most wealthy and middle class people (no matter what color they are) tend to avoid these people because they're afraid, and then they generalize to include all people that remind them of the people they're ultimately afraid of.

If we can take away the economic reason to be afraid, (i.e. to provide a living wage, to provide work that's meaningful and to provide a health care system that puts health before profit) then the systemic racism that has spurred this culture of fear loses its teeth. Otherwise, it's not going to matter how many "knees" we take during the National Anthem, or how many petitions we sign. The fear will continue, and so will the killing of innocents who happen to match a certain profile we've collectively decided to fear.


"They’ll see how beautiful I am

And be ashamed—

I, too, am America."

Also by Langston Hughes and perhaps more pertinent for today:

"What happens to a dream deferred?
Does it dry up
Like a raisin in the sun?
Or fester like a sore--
And then run?
Does it stink like rotten meat?
Or crust and sugar over--
like a syrupy sweet?
Maybe it just sags
like a heavy load.
Or does it explode?"

I think Charlotte knows.


I agree. That woman had NO BUSINESS being entrusted with a deadly weapon. She is incompetent and foolish, and while she may have passed all the tests given to qualify as a police officer, the basic commonsense test she failed in a big way. Fire her ass.


Not correct. The peculiarly USAn white fear is specifically of black skin. They find homeless whites or other poor whites annoying and unsightly, but they don't fear them. Addressing the issue of economic class is important, but racism is another matter that is actually the most powerful and damaging within the working class, not across class lines.



is not altogether true. Poor, homeless and/or disabled whites have been killed by cops, too. I'm not turning a deaf ear or a blind eye to the fact that racism among cops runs rampant and that blacks and other non-whites get the brunt of and more often fall victim to police brutality and killing, but that doesn't negate the fact that the cops are often a lot meaner in the poorer neighborhoods generally, regardless of ethnicity or color.


It will take much more than "police unions nationwide admitting that some of their members make horrific decisions," I'm afraid...


While you are protesting make sure we all know what underwear you wear. I don't understand why the police are killing them any way. they are doing a great job of killing each other. The US kills thousands everyday in the name of terrorism and I don't hear people saying anything about that. here in Maryland in the month of August last year their was a black youth killed everyday by black youths. So if black lives matter than you need to stop killing each other. What it is it is ok that they kill each. Over 30 thousand people are shot and killed in this country every year. Where is the out rage over that? They are not my sisters or brothers.


On bended knees, I pray for the loved ones losing their fathers, sons, daughters, friends. My saddened heart goes out to them. Racism and violence are rotting septic sores on our nation that have persisted since the colonists stepped ashore with their indentured servants and soon thereafter, their slaves. The lash has been replaced by the taser, military style automatic weapons, and a large variety of guns and armor (vehicles on land and in the air included). The mindset remains the same only camouflaged with a badge.


There is no such thing as racism. There is only wealth inequality.


Untrue. Wealthy black people are pulled over 10 times as often then whites as established by the ACLU for the same supposed violations. Black people of wealth are immediately treated as suspect many arrested for no reason.

Police seeing a bkack man in an expensive car or entering a home in an expensive neighborhood are more likley to pull that person over or ask questions and detain him than they would whites.

Sports Athletes, many of whom are black are arrested or detained or questioned with regularity when seen entering their vehicles or driving them. Some black atheletes who are millionaires will even drive cheap cars just to keep from getting harrassed.


Wealthy black people are pulled over 10 times as often as whites because blacks are poorer, as such are profiled to have stolen an expensive car, are drug dealers or criminals, professions common to people who have scant sources of income.

Is racism prevalent in socialist countries?


I lived it.


Yes, racism exhibits itself today in Sweden and In Norway with nativists protesting the arrival of immigrants.

Now it not accurate to call ethnic hatreds as racism but they are based on the same precepts and Communist Countries that had adopted Socialism had those Ethnic Hatreds. The Balkans and Yugoslavia and its breakup is an example of that.

There was a good deal of racism in Japan with respects to the Koreans and this was not based upon a wealth inequity. The Koreans were seen as inferiors , used as slaves and servants not because they were poor but because they were Korean.

The entire slave trade in the colonies was based upon this. They did not decide to use Africans as slves just because they were poor. Many Africans were prosperous in their home countries. They were used as slaves because they were black and were seen as inferior.

The First nations peoples of the Americas were very well fed and wealthy when compared to the Colonists from Europe , yet those same colonists saw them as inferior beings and used them as slaves, Do you think Cortez and Pizarro looked at the Aztecs and Incas as their superiors because of greater wealth? They used Racism and bigotry to justify the theft of that wealth and the destruction of those societies.

A personal anecdote. One day my brother and I were out at some Pub in BC speaking to cousins. It was remarked that a local First Natiosn tribe was rather prosperous and had invested in a local mill or such that they had purchased off a group from New York City and wall street. In any case one of the persons working there said he would quit because there was no way he was going to work for an "indian" and there was no way an "indian" was going to boss him around.

He had no problems with some strange white guy in New York City bossing him around.

That is racism. That is not wealth inequaility.


Do they protest the arrival of wealthy immigrants?

Old habits die hard.

Does it matter how wealthy the slaves, Koreans, Indians, Africans, Italians, Irish, Puerto Ricans, or other immigrants were in their home countries, or how poor most are in comparison to the dominant people in their new land?

The rich almost always look down their noses at the poor.

Remember as kids arguing over who had more money, my dad, or your dad? Perhaps competition leads to the wealth inequality you call racism.


Here in Vancouver there a whole lot of angst expressed over wealthy Chinese buying up property and driving house prices higher.

There are as many if not more rich Americans buying real estate and you rarely hear the same complaints.

The ACLU in the United States has presented a number of cases where they show how white police officers resent blacks that are wealthier than they are. This based on racism.

The same happens with many males resenting the fact a woman makes more than they do , displaying sexism.

Do you think Blacks not being allowed to play baseball and receiving death threats and being called names when they first entered the major leagues was because they were poor?

We will agree to disagree.


The resentful rich may think "How dare they be rich, they're supposed to be poor. Don't they know their place?" Then they may invite them to a party to impress their friends and maybe do a little business. (They favor the color green).

Their poorer white brethren may resent the fact that a Chinese or Black person is wealthier, upsetting the pecking order. Or he or she could just be jealous of a rich minority.

There is no sexism or racism. There is only the money-power and the poor and powerless.

Unfortunately people in this country mostly respect money, are in awe of those who have it regardless of sex and would never tell Donald Trump what they really think of him straight to his face.