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White and Black and Blue: In 49 of 50 Cities, Cops Whiter Than The Communities They "Serve"


White and Black and Blue: In 49 of 50 Cities, Cops Whiter Than The Communities They "Serve"

Baltimore, Chicago, Cleveland simmer. Stunning visuals in a new report offer one vital if unsurprising reason: In all but one of 50 American cities - the exception is Atlanta - largely white cops are policing largely black communities, with all the ensuing racial differences and animosities that gap suggests. A 1968 report following the Watts et al riots - over 45 years and many black mens' deaths ago - argued that "police have come to symbolize white power, white racism and white repression.” So nu?


By not using history Abbey is missing a lesson. Yes “In Baltimore, whites are 28% of the population but 50%” and yes that should change so that the police department is more representative of the community in appearance, at least. However, for years we’ve brought into the idea that this would be a solution to cop violence. And that race is the reason for cop violence.

But (big but) what this 28/vs/50 percent reveals when you look at the ratio 50 years ago is that color lines are not the real motivator for police violence. 50 years ago the Baltimore police department was 98% white and zero percent female according to an old-days retired cop from Baltimore I head interviewed on NPR. So there have been big changes in the makeup of the department. But they haven’t changed the behavior.

The officers who attacked Freddie Gray were 50% white and 50% black. One of the three black officers was a woman. Same behavior. Very discouraging. It indicates to me that while race may provide a more common and easy focus for police violence that is it police culture itself which provides the violence for the focus.


“color lines are not the real motivator for police violence”

Couldn’t agree more. It is in the Training, the standard operating procedure. Most of our departments look like they operate from the Birmingham School of Tactics. Either that or you can train at the DOE Terrorist Facility.

Can we have some intellect please, it’s bad policies supported by ignorant departments in a deteriorating urban environment. Jobs Jobs Jobs. Please. Keep sending them overseas via TPP that will motivate the population. Can you say NAFTA again.

Oh wait, lets lower costs by trimming cadet training hours for graduation.
And what the heck $20K is enough of a salary. No sense spending more.

And let’s arm everyone to the teeth and breed a culture of fear…that’ll work


It seems to me that using pictures to judge the “reason” for the uprisings is insufficient data. There’s a reductio ad absurdum as well. The simple answer is rarely the correct one. IMO, The “tie” among “riots” in Baltimore, Ferguson, and Seattle and all the rest of them is that the USAn citizens are united in opposing government violence against us. The berserk all-out attacks by police and now FBI, CIA and TSA that cause grave danger, death and permanent injury have been endured without counter-attack for far too long. Their practices are purposely funded and learned by and in Israel and mischaracterized as “patriotism.” We are united in helping each other, out loud, without secrecy or perfidy. You practice no self-restraint. You are not subject to the law.
We have little recourse. When one of us gets attacked, the rest of us are going to counter attack. And all your military tactics and weapons and tanks will not succeed against us. The power of the people won’t stop. St. Louis, Chicago, NYC, and Baltimore and many other locals have all sent their police forces to Israel on our dime to be trained by the barbarous IDF.
You do more crimes against the unarmed, you face more and more coordinated guerilla attacks. You should have responded conscientiously to our decades of non-violence. No more Mr. Nice Guy.
During all the decades of our peaceful demonstrations, the police and government failed to police themselves and, instead, scored many intolerable points against themselves. The people have had it. We are not about to allow the fascists to continue with their overthrow of our democracy.
You have been working hard to bring on more riots. The government most certainly has done very little to restrict the bad police conduct we have seen all across the nation. government and LEOs have been doing is legal, it shouldn’t be.
If it isn’t stopped, they must be stopped by brave citizens willing to throw themselves on the wheels of government. Mr. Obama’s condemnation of the “riots” is coming from a man who’s done almost nothing to restrict communities like Chicago, NYC and Baltimore from sending their operatives, agents and cops to Israel for training, has done almost nothing to prevent police violence upon unarmed citizens, some crippled and handicapped. We are fed up.
Got it? Old Germany’s SS notwithstanding, it is NOT the job of police or government to be operatives for the USAn fascists. The constitution is much more than “a piece of paper.” Our military will soon understand that there are few “freedoms” left worth sacrificing their lives for. I suggest you stop it, repeal the PATRIOT Act, give up your jobs, pensions, insurance, immunity and other PERCs, and forbid all domestic spying and snitching. Do it before the whole nation disintegrates and burns to the ground.


Racism-denialism is the highest form of racism. And yes, black cops can treat other blacks with racism just as the white ones can.

As someone who has seen it first hand, “color lines” are indeed the motivator…