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'White Collar Crime Pays': Decade After Dodd-Frank, Executives Still Lining Their Pockets

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/21/white-collar-crime-pays-decade-after-dodd-frank-executives-still-lining-their

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This should have people taking to the streets that make recent events seem like recess at a well behaved school. I have a sense of a bubbling furnace up pent-up hostilities of the citizenry now in desperate circumstances as the original benefits of the CARE bill are set to end. The c-virus pandemic is still taking its toll. This is going to be quite the ride by all speculations. Will Congress do what’s required to save the people? Hmmm…


From the tweet inside the story:
“Next time, Congress, enact the law directly; don’t ask regulators to implement.”

Apparently Bartlett Naylor believes this was a “bug” instead of a “feature” by congress.
I’m not so naïve.


Dodd-Frank was always meant to be a smoke screen. Just look who wrote it, two of the biggest con men in Congress.


NO they fucking won’t.


Geez, pieces like this make me hope I live past 100… so I can hopefully someday watch the Richie Riches and their enablers dragged out into the streets…and disposed of … by the great unwashed masses they have driven mad…


“It’s a culture of corruption, stupid!” Dodd-Frank has gone through the shredder at this point and that began the day after it was written. Thank you Obama for not sending anyone to prison, which should have started with mnuchin, essentially giving the banksters a green light to plan their next heist.


When a piece of “landmark legislation” is written by the industry insiders it’s supposedly designed to regulate, you get fiascos like Dodd-Frank and ObamaRomnaCare.

The banks are subsidized by taxpayer and Federal Reserve money – TBTF banks are now even bigger!

The healthcare industrial complex is subsidized by taxpayers – and makes even bigger profits because people don’t use their overly-exspenive insurance.

Mission accomplished – and the d-party establishment still brags about their achievements even in the face of clear evidence demonstrating that their efforts were/are backroom gifts to the rich.


All the while, we the people of the United States, just sit here and keep on keep’n on taking it.

That would be our “elected” government officials.

and Dodd-Frank was a watered down bill by both parties. The corruptions trickles down and up. People run for government position to feather their nets not to govern the United States of America and that is where corruptions trickles up.

Just like with all our many problems there has been no accountability, none. oh yes, Martha Stewart went to jail for insider trading (low lying fruit) and is in prison for stealing peoples investments another low lyer

There is not accountability for corruption, crimes against humanity, or against mother earth.
So of course, the snake oil salesman does worry about be prosecuted for all his many crimes.

Exactly so…