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White Evangelicals Will Never Make America Great Again


White Evangelicals Will Never Make America Great Again

Brandi Miller

Donald Trump’s presidency continues to overflow with the creation and upholding of racist policies, sexual scandals, childish virtual chest-puffing over Twitter and a general disregard for the well-bei


White Evangelicals have legitimized Hate coming from the White House.

They have helped “Make America Hate Again” and “they” did it in the Lord’s name.


There is a god-given right to self-defense, and since a gun can be used for self-defense, that means there is a god-given right to own guns.

Jesus is God.

Therefore Jesus wants everyone (except the bad guys) to own guns.

You see, all you have to do is imagine a God who agrees with you on every issue, and suddenly the fact that God agrees with you means you’re always right. And whenever you align yourself with some thug whose behaviors are at odds with your previously stated religious values, just plaster on some more nonsense like, “God works in mysterious ways,” or “God can choose anyone he wants to be his agent.”


Was that a photo from “MAD Magazine”?

God must hate organized religion.


It is very difficult to return to a place you have never been - the phrase “white evangelical” must obviously refer to the recent (about the last 30 years) coalition of right wing politics and a particular brand of Christianity. Tragically, evangelical, simply referred to a “sharing of good new - good news of Jesus”, but strangely few if any who didn’t know that background would guess that as the meaning. Evangelicals of color often share the same political prostitution - preaching something very different than good news for sinners - the poor - the sick - the prisoner - or those caste out of society’s mainstream. Groups like minorities - immigrants (legal or not) - LGBTQ persons - homeless and the list goes on. Evangelicals of color often do excel at reaching at least some of those minority population groups - reaching them in their neighborhoods while white evangelicals pay professionals to reach them across the world. There are however, some awakening white evangelicals who know, worship and proclaim Jesus - a swarthy middle eastern man who offers hope, joy and new life to all who follow him. Until “white evangelicals” meet Jesus, hear the gospel, and share a new life they have experienced, they will remain another failed political group seeking power and control - those evangelicals regardless of their skin color are doing great damage.


Disgusting! When are people going to get that the USA is not a theocracy. Defending corruption, porn, cheating, and making fun of disabled people, and going against unions all in the name of the “unborn” is insane- that is what it is. It is all about a cult - not even a religion.


For any religion to use corruption and politics and money to gain power is absolutely disgusting. Heard one of these types over 20 years ago jump up and down with glee over the assassination of the leader of Israel. Yes, that is right- even this person’s parents admitted that she was mentally unstable.


It really doesn’t matter that they feel “no” shame.

We the People, know that those that work for this administration, the media that “lies” for them, and anyone else that has enabled the hateful policies of their’s to be carried out, has shamed themselves in the eyes of 70% of Americans and another 70% of the world’s people.

I have a strong suspicion that these numbers above, are in actuality much higher.


It’s too bad really- shows how low we are in society.


Miller sez: “They have ignored the calls of Jesus to make ourselves humble and small, to love our enemies and to choose the non-violent way…”

They’ve also ignored pop’s command that thou shalt worship no other gods or idols.

Like, say, a golden calf.

Or an orange dunghill.


Yep- as in the Klan


And the irony of it all? If there was a Jesus, he most certainly was not white. He would have looked more like one of those “Arab Terrorists”.


There is a graphic novel on Amazon “The Dragon of Revelation 12” that agrees with your post.


The delusional religious freaks didn’t do anything to build the USA… They only tear down. The religious are incapable of doing anything but evil.