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White Gunman Fires on Kenosha Residents Protesting Police Shooting of Jacob Blake, Killing Two.

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/26/white-gunman-fires-kenosha-residents-protesting-police-shooting-jacob-blake-killing

Night of Long Knives 2.0 IS COMING. Why in the hell is ANY STATE ALLOWING RIGHT WING AGITATORS showing up to protests with guns?

The Seattle Police Dept. STILL doesn’t seem to even have made an attempt to find the right wing racists who showed up to CHOP and shot protestors. Why would they?

You think school shootings have been bad in the past? In this current environment, with the insane push to get children back to school, it’s going to come back with a vengeance. Sure wish I was wrong, but it’s like watching a train wreck in slow motion.

We are proper fucked.


Yes, right wing agitators will continue to show up at protests with guns in a country which reveres and adores an amendment in its constitution which allows most people unfettered access to firearms [and that would be over 300 million of them] and which most industrialized countries around the world view as being truly bizarre.


There is big business in supplying thugs and arms to white militias and their police force sympathizers. Erik Prince, founder of Blackwater (now Academi) knows that…


This is it in a nutshell folks, those who don’t believe racism is institutionalized in the police department, are in support of a civil (how ironic is that word here) war.


These fucking white racist xenophobic nationalists have been itching for another civil/race war since they were beaten back in the first one. But ironically it seems they never really lost that one, as all along they have been waiting in the wings amassing their arsenals until someone like Trump finally ascended the throne to let them loose on the streets in open warfare. The USA’s second civil war is now unfolding before our very eyes and many in the police are aiding and abetting all of it.


[quote=“A_Wobblie_Weeble, post:2, topic:81568”]
Why in the hell is ANY STATE ALLOWING RIGHT WING AGITATORS showing up to protests with guns?
[/quote] It’s the American way. A small but well funded group believe their right to carry arms is more important than their responsibility for the safety of others. In the mind of these thugs the 2nd amendment is more important than all the other amendments combined.


The black community could have told you (meaning all of us) that for a few centuries now. But yes, it is all now coming home to roost for all of us. But then again, what else would you expect from a nation founded on violence which has never managed to come to terms with that in all the years since. The USA is hell bent on tearing itself apart completely now.


Pre Meditated murder. They are generally nuts in that area, big on White supremacy there.

This kid drove from the border town of Antioch IL to Kenosha WS to do this.

I just now got home from a quick trip to a Wisconsin farm where I’ve been buying corn on the cob for 20 years. I drove through Antioch on the way home - it’s only about 20 mis from where I live. There are many Trump 2020 signs in Antioch today, didn’t see one Biden sign.

This kids attitude is not unusual in the Chain O’ Lakes region. YEs there are Right wing Militias all over the Chain


Police are not much different from the criminals they hunt. They all need to start hunting the criminal within rather than projecting their shadow self onto the populace around them.


This is what the hallowed second Amendment was always about. It was not so as to fight tyranny. It was so that the Whites could keep the coloreds in their place.

The gun is not intended to liberate. It is intended to oppress.


This is sickening and very, very disturbing. Either the elected officials, prosecutors and others entrusted to administer justice reign in these rogue police and treat police violence as a serious crime not an inconvenient event which is a momentary distraction with nothing ever done or we are going to see a total lack of respect for law and order from police and their white militia allies. This cannot stand.


Not quite, but rather some 18th century wordage which has allowed an interpretation which has facilitated legislation favorable to the small-arms industry.

This article may be of interest:

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One thing I can guarantee, if a young black man showed up armed at a protest of white people, he would mowed down by the police like a rabid animal before he could lift the gun to his shoulder.

There are still two America’s, one black, one white. Separate and unequal. It has always been a crime to be black in the USA. Always


Not only has the USA not come to terms with the fact they were a nation founded on violence , slavery and genocide , but far too many actively embrace that . They are in fact PROUD of that and claim it as a virtue.


Just like we continue to use the antiquated death penalty. We have all these precious rights to kill in the United States. What’s wrong with us?


Illinois is basically a red state except for a few areas downstate like Champaign Urbana and East St. Louis. Of course, Chicago makes it a blue state but look out when you leave Cook County. And the Democratic party in Cook County ain’t nothing to write home about.


Notice how the cops shot an unarmed black man in the back because they deemed him a threat , while this white guy who was armed and went out and shot people with his gun was “arrested” and is now in custody.


Illinois is just like our little PA here. If it weren’t for the 3 million democratic voters in Philadelphia, we would be deep Red.
The old story about the 1964 campaign still holds true here. LBJ asked his chief of staff to describe the Pennsylvania electorate for him. He was told that you have Philadelphia on one side, Pittsburgh on the other, and everything in between is Alabama.
Pittsburgh and Allegheny county have become very red.


Yep, exactly so.

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