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White House Acts on Corruption and Tax Evasion in Wake of Panama Papers


White House Acts on Corruption and Tax Evasion in Wake of Panama Papers

WASHINGTON - The Obama Administration announced actions to combat money laundering, corruption and tax evasion. In April, the "Panama Papers" leak exposed how "anonymous shell corporations" facilitate crime and corruption.‎

"It's crucial to global development that we stop corruption and tax evasion," noted Eric LeCompte, executive director of the religious development coalition Jubilee USA Network. "Developing countries lose a trillion dollars a year to corruption, crime and tax evasion."



I have to wonder, and will be interested to see, how well all this grand sounding legislation will be crafted to work around the major offenders from Wall Street and the Corporations that are protected and represented by their puppet in the White House and their puppets on Capital Hill. Perhaps more details will come out in time, but I have yet to hear who some of the major players are. I would love to see any and all of the corporations Obama and the other traitors are trying to support, with the TPP and TTIP, that are dirty be exposed.

It sounds like the kind of information that could easily get almost anyone killed if they were to use it very much. Not only would there be a large criminal element that would readily have you killed but I have no doubt that plenty of the large businesses and wealthy individuals would do the same. Then… there’s the government/s which would be even more dangerous than the rest and are essentially the tools for many of those entities… especially in the US.

I don’t know enough to say whether or not you could actually sell that sort of thing. At least not for enough to become rich. The only ones who would be able to make you rich would be the ones that are going to make you disappear. If it was me, copies of that thing would go everywhere so much that there was no way it could be taken out. I would put on the gloves, burn a big stack of optical disks, and mail the damn things all over the world… and never let anyone know where they came from…


We do not need more rubber-stamping of Obama’s chronic self-deluded, grotesque propaganda smoke screens behind which he hides his religious devotions to Wall Street’s most viciously corrupt thugs!