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White House Aims to Slash Major EPA Programs, Fire 20 Percent of Staff

White House Aims to Slash Major EPA Programs, Fire 20 Percent of Staff

Nika Knight, staff writer

The White House is aiming to cut dozens of major EPA programs and to slash one-fifth of all staff positions within the agency, the Washington Post reported Wednesday.

Oooh, this is what Trump meant by making new jobs, fire people. Guess John Stewart was wrong afterall, Trump can and will fire America.


There’s a word for these folks: evil. If we don’t fight them, and fight them successfully, our children and grandchildren will bake in a decimated Earth.


Remember, they and their spawn will also bake. No hiding in gated communities underground.


The point is to avert the baking - regardless of the fact that the children of the perpetrators will suffer too.

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The destruction of all climate programs in the face of the absolutely bizarre "March in January April in February weather we have been having is particularly disturbing. I await the global February temperature reports.

Of course- if the fed won’t do it, lobby your state and local gov for clean energy sources like wind and solar. Googleclimateactionnow.

Even pigs do not defecate in their own living space why should corporations be allowed to. Is this what is called making America great again? Smell rotten to be.i

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Welcome to right wing wacko world. It is a world with no worries about global warming and secure knowledge that all those reports about global warming are actually part of a hoax started by China and all those totally corrupt so called news organizations such as the NY Times and CNN which are the enemy of the American people only put out fake news. Nothing to worry about. The real news is in Breitbart News and there the truth about the global warming hoax is truthfully told.

The Sierra Club doesn’t have a humongous budget like Exxon or any fossil fuel company. Advertising costs money. I don’t mind them asking for money because they need it. This is going to be a long fight with regard to the EPA assuming Trump survives the Russian scandal which I doubt, although Pence is would be probably just as bad for the EPA. To overturn the Clean Power Plan will take Trump at least two years. Numerous lawsuits will be filed to enforce laws such as the Clean Water Act that might take years to resolve. What the Sierra Club is trying to do most is get people to sign up for monthly contributions. Personally I don’t like signing up for that but I do plan to donate something to the Sierra Club every month. They have many lawyers and they are ready to go to court.

Their sick greed for wealth and power takes first place even over their own offspring.


Sure. Trump forgot to tell us his other slogan. “MAKE AMERIKA DIRTY AGAIN”

Heres the fact. The “hoax” theories were started by the fosil fuel industry and funded by the Koch brothers.
I try to avoid all their products such as their paper goods. Next time you buy look for any reference to being made by Georgia-Pacific. That’s the Koch brothers.
Buy something else.
There’s even an app for that!

Yes, we must get rid of these psychos!