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White House Bully Disrespects, Embarrasses America


White House Bully Disrespects, Embarrasses America

Donna Smith

Among the offensive comments made by Donald Trump on Saturday night in Atlanta were those he made about the game and its players not hitting or being hit as hard now as once was the case in the National Football League. Trump believes it's the rules and penalties related to tackles that are causing the NFL to lose viewers and fans. He thinks it's a soft game now played by soft players protected by too many limiting rules -- soft players who Trump believes are the ones disrespecting the American flag by kneeling during the National Anthem. Huh?


I keep reading things and watching “Resistsnce” videos that predict that President Trump will be gone soon while he himself says that Kim Jung-Un and the rest of the troublesome North Koreans (and maybe the Iranians, Cubans, and .Venezuelans) will be gone soon too…

Nobody can say how any of this going could go down or if there is anything ordinary people without political power could do to make it stop.

It seems as if Kim and his staff are trying to provoke the US into making a first strike. If that happens the seven decade long inhibition on the use of nukes could be done with and all the ones primed and in launch on warning mode could get loose all at once then, as the late Tom Lehrer used to sing, “we will all go together when we go” and we’ll all be going going till we’re all gone for good.

I hope the story of the human race to who knows where doesn’t end like this, in a stupid stumble to mass destruction that that makes the blundering run up to World War I look like a quaint old fashioned comedy of errors.

If the thermonuclear genie does get out of the bottle there will be no putting it back because the act of it getting out will destroy the bottle and any hope of returning it to a contained state.


Yes, on one level that would be tragic. On another level, it seems absolutely appropriate. One way or another, our species will end someday (Evolution 101). Other species have been “destructive” in terms of their effects on the planet, as when newly photosynthetic organisms changed the oxygen content of the atmosphere and produced an extinction event, but (as far as we know) we are the only species that willfully practices (and celebrates) violence and destruction on a massive scale. It would be poetic justice if we go out with a bang.


The White House always has bullied, disrespected and embarassed the United States of America, but Donald Trump’s White House absolutely takes the cake; His Administration is the worst of all.


I recommend some background research into North Korea and their position as the corporate media has long echoed the US government’s position–without reporting this important information. For the most part, the average American has no actual knowledge when it comes to that country. As far as North Korea goes, the US is still at war with them; no settlement was ever reached because the US won’t come to the table. This has had a powerful effect on how the nation has developed since the mid-20th century, especially in light of the US government’s global imperial forays since then. The more I read, the more I recognize it is the US that is the provocateur. We are reaping the seeds we sowed on the Korean peninsula decades ago.
ConsortiumNews.org has posted some good articles on NK that probe more deeply into the current situation as well.


Trump is a huge steamy pile of warmongering crap, the latest crook in a long line of Pentagon ass kissers. Nukes have already been used, 9-11 for sure. That supposed chemical explosion in China in 2015 proven to be a nuke. A nuke in Yemen and others. The American people are voiceless and powerless in the rapid march to bigger war. The trickle down offering to the poor drying up. All that matters is more war.


Since 1620 the white euros, then 1776, imperialist amerika have not given even a shred of respect/compassion, for the millions slaughtered by the now failed empire!
So, total disrespect for the fascist flag, and anthem!


Trump’s vulgarity and tone-deaf narcissism is far more threatening to any respect-worthy image of these United States. Trump brings shame and embarrassment to our national identity.

OMG he said bastard. And then they place the race card, mentioning the kneeler was black.

Its a game by Soros and gang to further divide America, and most are falling for it.


Soros pales in comparison to the Kochs.


The right has legion of filthy rich benefactors and somehow you can only name a rich person whom prefers to give money to the left?


Robert Mueller we’re depending on you to end this horrific experience. When you’re done saving the republic and perhaps the world - run for president.