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White House Confirms Plans to Bring Tanks, Heavy Weaponry to Russia's Door


White House Confirms Plans to Bring Tanks, Heavy Weaponry to Russia's Door

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

The U.S. Department of Defense announced on Tuesday that it is indeed planning to bring tanks and other heavy weaponry to Russia's doorstep, in a move observers say is likely to further stoke Cold War tensions as NATO regional war games commence.

Speaking in Tallinn, Estonia, U.S. Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter said the Pentagon would be fortifying Baltic states—Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia—as well as Bulgaria, Romania, and Poland each with a military arsenal large enough to support 150 to 750 troops.


And then we can engineer a crisis!


The shame of it all is that this was just another manufactured crisis by Washington. There truly are no adults left in power, just middle school kids playing "Risk" who are silly enough to think that Russia is just another Iraq and stupid enough not to know that Russian hardware is vastly superior to the junk that corruption bought for the U.S. military. It doesn't end up well.
In the meantime the world burns. See robertscribbler.


Our corrupt, greedy, and somewhat crazy ruling class is going to destroy us all.


Because Gen. Wile E. Coyote always knows best!


Im sure the 250 tanks will really help when Russia has over 22,000 tanks. talk about a useless gesture.


I hope the oligarchs kill each other off. Tactical Nukes for the win, right off the bat hahaha. The aliens were right, we are an insane society. I hope our cities go up in flames too, but maybe cooler heads will prevail. What a joke the arrogant are. How about we use gas too. What an insane country we have become. Protect yourself world, from the new Nazis. Peace & Love. Psst...protect yourselves....


Hurry, hurry, get yer Raytheon stock now before the price goes up!!


How about bringing food water and jobs to the inner cities as. h..es


The result of a 36% voter turnout is that stupid conservatives win because they vote, smart liberals and progressives lose because they don't. (rationalize it here___________)

I'm starting to wonder who really are the stupids?


It's meant to be a provocation. Russia has all ready said it will respond if NATO drags it's weapons to Russia's borders. The US does not want Russia to become an economic powerhouse or Europe either for that matter. It wants to distract them with manufactured crisis and toothless threats.
Fortunately for everyone, Putin doesn't share their desire for another Armageddon. I believe his response will be appropriate but not excessive.


My colleagues and I thought much the same thing, working in W.-Berlin in the late '60s. The Berlin Garrison were going to hold off the T-62 tanks of the 14th Guards Army if around 0330 one morning they came smashing through the wall? Pull the other one, it's got bells on.


Where is the mass movement in this country to stop this push toward WW3?


I've called my Senators and Congress critter many times for this group called Just Foreign Policy. But I always get a strange feeling about groups like this because they receive NGO money from various sources. What strikes me as strange is that they don't have any actions to avoid WW3 with Russia. I can't help feel that the reason they aren't covering Ukraine or the buildup to war with Russia. Is perhaps
they're getting money from George Soros. I


Samanta Powers digging a hole.



Drones work fine in third world countries with no air forces and lacking anything resembling air defenses. They would be useless in a European theater of operations.


I voted for Clinton...and then discovered that he's a right-wing sellout. I didn't vote for him again. Nor for Obama. I think you might be in the wrong pew, khrestyanin.


Both the "Novorossiya" and CSA flags were preceded by the Russian Navy flag, established, and supposedly designed personally, by Petr Velikij (17th c.).


What you wrote was:

You made the correlation error: just because they look alike doesn't mean one comes from the other. It's much more likely that the "Novorossiya" flag came from Petrushka's rather than the CSA's, just as it's much more likely, for ethnic reasons, that the CSA's came from the UK's. Why Petr chose the saltire (St Andy's) cross eludes me, unless it was just accidental; Scotland has never had much of a navy, and Russia has never had much of a connection to Scotland.

What I find interesting about the "Novorossiya" and "Luganskaya" flags is the pseudo-mediaeval typography. It's quite fascistic, much like the use of Fraktur by the Nazis to imply a storied past.


Why don't you just go away you bullshit coward- You didn't indulge in any intelligent conversation last week on this same subject with me, you shit stirring, cowardly troll-