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'White House Cover-Up': Covid-19 Task Force Reports Withheld From Public Reveal Trump Knew of Threats as He Spread Lies

Earlier than that officially, and that doesn’t include the minor outbreak around Frederick, MD. (Ft. Detrick) last year.

Pepe Escobar


Good one and thank you.
FYI- Tonight on Chris Hayes’ MSNBC: Sen. from Connecticut Chris Murphy accused Trump of killing his followers by having them come to his political events.
We have a super-sicko psycho as POTUS. Why is still in office.

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So as Republicans attack socialism why are the people who support socialism so quiet ? Why couldn’t Sanders garner enough votes to break through all the manipulation?


Carlin told Playboy in 2005 that he looked forward to an afterlife where he could watch the decline of civilization on a “heavenly CNN.” - from Carlin obituary Reuters. I guess he’s watching … lost in space, lost in time.
A powerful statement - thanks TTB


It’s the same as with “class warfare”: It’s only socialism when we do it.

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Also, the U.S. war on Vietnam was an imperial war of aggression escalated based on blatant lies by the LBJ administration. More than three million Vietnamese were murdered, and the U.S. committed many war crimes that have never been prosecuted (Lt. Calley serving house arrest for his unit murdering more than 400 civilians at My Lai hardly constitutes “justice”. He should have been imprisoned for life).

Many thousands of Vietnamese are still suffering from the chemical-biological weapons the U.S. used on them, and many U.S. veterans are still suffering from those same weapons.

One part of the peace treaty the U.S. signed to end its involvement was the requirement to pay reparations to Vietnam. The U.S. never has.


That is a very big yes.
Even with corona19 virus deaths at 1,000 per day, nation wide, folks are ignoring fact.
Heart disease and cancer are leading causes of deaths and this virus is third.

Suggest our education curriculum has failed certain birth years.
I nominate 1952 through 1964 as the spoiled, gimmee everything peoples who
are 2020 Trump supporters.

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The Democratic machine was never going to allow Sanders to become their nominee and it is rather stunning that Sanders apparently was not aware that that was the case while then supporting a person who was anathema to his positions.

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Absolutely agree. A book which I suspect you would find to be of great interest is American Reckoning: The Vietnam War and Our National Identity where Christian Appy analyzes that vile war [and where I unfortunately ended up against my will] and the effect which it has had on the American psyche.

Anyone ever find out what happened to Trump’s brother?

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Yeah, that was irresponsible!

Or , serve time in each of the 50 states consecutively, according to each State standard for manslaughter.

First Blood number one. Such a tormented soul. Can only push someone so far before that person strikes back. At least in the movies.

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Not all Christians, but Evangelicals for sure, because their false interpretation of scripture was designed just fore this purpose.

This description of fascism is alive.

Great post!

Because the somewhat complicit “other party” always throws softballs. “We got a good thing going here, let’s not rock the boat”, thinks they.

To my knowledge, every single thing Trump has said, tweeted, quoted, even thought is a lie. We who possess anything above 1/10 the wit of the average cockroach don’t need to be told anymore, we can just assume that if he’s saying it, then something very near the complete opposite of what he said is true. In all my life I have never seen anyone so morally bankrupt as this man, the chosen and esteemed representative of Christians nationwide. In truth this person, this gangster, is all the evidence I need to determine the fundamental nature of Christianitty in general, and if Yahweh did exist, his nature as well.

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Thanks for the book recommendation. A few weeks ago I saw a documentary (via Neflix DVD) which may interest you: “Sir! No Sir!”. It’s about the anti-war movement INSIDE the U.S. military during the war on Vietnam. I thought it was extremely well done.

I’m glad you made it back from that war.

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per David Leonhardt, author:

Here’s a jarring thought experiment: If the United States had done merely an average job of fighting the coronavirus — if the U.S. accounted for the same share of virus deaths as it did global population — how many fewer Americans would have died?

The answer: about 145,000.

That’s a large majority of the country’s 183,000 confirmed coronavirus-related deaths.

No other country looks as bad by this measure. The U.S. accounts for 4 percent of the world’s population, and for 22 percent of confirmed Covid-19 deaths. It is one of the many signs that the Trump administration has done a poorer job of controlling the virus than dozens of other governments around the world.


Human experimentation is a crime against humanity and Nazi doctors were hung for it.

Economics is a science, the dismal science (indeed) so they have no possible rationale for these experiments they already know wont work to preserve human life, they already know they will fail.