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White House: Deadliest Shooting in US History No Reason to Have "Political Debate" About Guns


White House: Deadliest Shooting in US History No Reason to Have "Political Debate" About Guns

Press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders says too early to call murder of 58 people "domestic terrorism" and that debate about gun control not yet appropriate


There is a blood soaked irony that historians will note that with a dangerously autocratic if not fascistic rightwing figure in the White House who inspires the need for the second amendment that many of the most democracy loving citizens are those most active in opposing gun ownership.

Despite everything, if a real overt fascist were to achieve the WH would lefties still oppose gun ownership then as well?

They just might!


This was not the deadliest attack but it is time we revisit gun control. The US had better own its history of genocide and slavery and atone for it if it wants a future and stop the bloodletting abroad and at home against non whites.


It is not the number of dead that matters except for headlines in newspapers but that any innocent is murdered by some madman like this. Whether one person or fifty, we need to address a society where homicidal maniacs (remember that term?) are unable to easily get the psychological medical care they need.

The Republicans want to throw tens of millions off of medical coverage. Among those tens of millions are sure to be disturbed individuals who need medical care lest they go off the deep end and innocent people die.


Good thing that gun owners have been around to prevent the gutting of our Constitutional rights! I mean, can you imagine what our country would be like if not for all of those law abiding gun owners protecting our freedumbs?

I mean, heck, there might have been Patriot Acts passed and such. And we could all be under constant surveillance and stuff like that.


F*** the NRA. F*** Trump.


It’s high-time we get away from calling it “Gun Control”, the phrase the NRA loves because it makes gun fanatics see red, and call it what it really should be called: Blood-money for votes.


I would suggest the term public safety, one favored by law enforcement agencies.


lol I’m a bit tired of the old “gun owners are fighting to protect our freedom to own guns, in order to protect against an overbearing authoritarian Government!” cowplop.

  1. Gun owners don’t want guns to fight against the US Government - most of them are usually die-hard ultra-right-wing in their ideologies and are bigtime supporters of authoritarian governments. Most of them LOVE Trump and his ultra-nationalist agenda, which is all about bowing before the almighty State and its leader and its symbols such as flag and military and anthems. Don’t question the state, do as it says like good little Americans/Germans! The ONLY exception would be if the state ever tried to take guns away - that would be the Only time the gun nuts would ever think of fighting against it.
  2. Even if the gun-nuts on the right DID ever decide they should rise up against the government, what are they going to do? Band together by the millions and form a huge citizen army to take on the US Military North American Command and national guard with their tanks and planes and military vehicles, and the associated tens of thousands of individual mini-armies in the form of city/town/county/state police forces with all their hardware too? Pfft. Not only could they not organize in sufficient numbers to do that, but they would get their collective redneck asses handed to them, and be demonized as treasonous traitors for rising up against the government to boot.

Gun nuts like their guns because they like guns, and because they are paranoid and perceive everyone “other” as their potential enemy, and probably have self-confidence issues to boot. If there was ever a need for the citizens to rise up en masse and “refresh the tree of liberty,” now would be a pretty good time, with the first true fascist authoritarian ruling all 3 branches of government. And yet - where are all the gun nuts? They are LOVING this fascist authoritarian regime! Rise up against it?? Hell, they wholeheartedly SUPPORT it! The gun nuts will be the future jack-booted storm troopers using their guns to suppress their fellow citizens who dare speak out against the government!



Yeah let’s not talk about this issue. Let’s all continue to pretend that the USA is the height of moral and ethical supremacy and the best nation to ever have existed on the face of the earth. Let’s all walk around with our heads up our asses and worship the US Empire and all the work it is doing on behalf of god and all the killing it does with guns around the world. And most of all let’s keep on repeating the mantra guns don’t kill people. I am so sick of that mantra which at its core is evil BS. If it wasn’t for guns, people could not kill in the manner they do. Guns are made for one REASON only. They are made to KILL other people. Gun loving ownership is a mental illness. One of the best things that could ever happen to this world is if all gun owners (and that includes the police and military) would all raise their guns at the same time and commit suicide. Let the rest of us live in a world without guns. Better yet everyone would wake up and destroy all such weapons of mass destruction. Let those of us who would rather find peaceful means to resolve disputes a world in which to do so. But it will never happen especially in the USA which was founded on genocide and violence. I simply want to live in world where people are able to simply get along without having to resort to violence and have a gun at their disposal when they lose control of themselves. And please don’t you gun lovers spew your lies about your rights to carry weapons of mass destruction.


in all my years on the planet, i’ve used the “c***” word maybe twice. today is the third time. sarah huckabee is a c*** if ever i’ve seen one. devos, palin, bachman, and a couple of others are stupidly evil. huckabee is deliberately evil.

in fact, maybe i’ve been wrong about reincarnation. maybe there really is such a thing. and dump, the republithugs in power, the cabinet, bannon (don’t tell me he’s not in power) are all reincarnations of Dr. Mengele.


flea, what’s happened to you? a real overt fascist ( along with his nazi incarnates) already IS in the WH. they just don’t have everything in high gear yet. but it’s coming.


for chrissake… how many homicidal maniacs have you seen or read about that SOUGHT psychological help? that’s not where it begins, flea.


With you on this one. Watch how the empire acts abroad and with the militarization of police domestically - and the powers that be reeling from the public’s growing awareness of the facade that is American democracy - in short things are getting worse.

The second amendment may soon be the only option. Apparently voting doesn’t matter - DNC fraud apparently isn’t a criminal matter only a civil matter. Can’t vote for the people’s choice as the powers that be won’t allow it and it’s real power backs them up.

Some folks actually think the system works. Get rid of guns and we can rely upon those good folks in the police departments to do the right thing. You know those guys who blindly follow orders from corrupt politicians.

In Germany first thing they did was take away the weapons. Same in Chile - once the guns were gone they came to the door and took people way … forever.

Fascists are first and foremost cowards. If a gun is behind the door they won’t come.


“It’s too early to have a debate about gun control”.
You idiots should have had that debate 20 years ago.


geezer, did you read The Nation today…their article about who wants guns and why is good. and i hate to admit, but DK ran a good article this morning, too. the comments section was good. i’ll see if i can post the links for you.

https://www.thenation.com/article/the-american-impulse-to-equate-guns-with-freedom-and-masculinity-with-violence-is-killing-us/ this one is by joan walsh


Tell that to all the SWAT teams that routinely break down doors in the USA. I guess they didn’t get your memo. Try standing up to the nation state with all its weaponry and see what that gets you. Guns will not solve anything. Violence begets violence. Whatever remains will be born from violence. The fascination with guns in the USA is nothing but a severe mental illness.


Since we can’t or want to get rid of guns, we will have to find ways to live in relative safety with them.

A way to live with guns is to be good to each other and treat each other with respect. In society and in business, don’t screw anyone over, don’t look down your nose at minorities and above all, provide everyone with life’s necessities for free like healthcare, education and a basic income. Don’t kill people of the world for profit, religion, or to steal their resources, thinking there won’t be blowback.

All said, this probably won’t stop all shootings but will greatly reduce them.


Poor Sarah Huckabee Sanders…once in a great while I just feel sorry for her, however, most times I would just like to shake her silly and get her woke.
NOW is the time to tell the NRA to F off and out the toadies that take their campaign moola.