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White House Distances Itself from 'Black Site' Order After Outrage


White House Distances Itself from 'Black Site' Order After Outrage

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer on Wednesday said he had "no idea" where a controversial executive order that seemed poised to reinstate secret overseas CIA prisons came from, stating that President Donald Trump had not seen it.


This White House will be distancing itself from the Truth for the next four years, or until a Giant Meteor hits it.


No, he just has alternative facts.


One does not have far to look...behind the gold curtains is the Reich Master Bannon (with the help of his flying monkey, Steve Miller...fellow crafter of the worst inaugural speech in our nation's history) furiously writing execution orders...one after the other...demonically cackling throughout. Characters right out of Dante's Inferno (from The Divine Comedy) come to life on Earth drenched in all their rapacious, raging evil.

"Mad Dog" Mattis and flaky Flynn also probably had some input.

(The use of "execution" is intentional.)


Alternative Orders from Alternative Leader.
Rule by diktat.


McCain: "We are not bringing back torture in the United States of America."

Of course that implies torture by the U.S. could happen in the rest of the world.


Yup, the operative word is "in." McCain knows all too well about torture yet he persists in supporting those who persist in implementing same despite his rhetoric.


Giant Meteor 2016 might have lost this election but some are still hoping.


I don't understand why 100% of released detainees have not returned to combat, to attacking Americans everywhere. Why wouldn't they? What would Americans do if, say, Saudi Arabia, invaded and occupied America, bombed us, murdered 200,000 of our people, stole our oil, imposed brutal, corrupt dictatorships? When we bomb, torture, invade that's not "terrorisml" But when young people from the countries we attack and occupy throw a bomb back at us now and again -- oh that's so terrible. That's "terrorism." The only illegal military forces in the Middle East are the Americans and their European allies. America was founded on terrorism: terrorism against the Indians we stole the continent from, terrorism against the enslaved Africans who built Washington DC, among other places, terrorist lynching and beatings and shootings of freed blacks for an entire century after the Civil War, terrorism against the Philipinos, the Vietnamese, the Cambodians, the Nicaraguans, the Guatemalans and so many other nations that we invaded, bombed, tortured and murdered millions upon millions of people for more than a century. Prosperity built on horror, on terror. That's the U.S.A.


Richard, You have accurately described the Hipocracy of the Duopoly. Military action by the United States isn't terrorism, but when another group commits the same action, it is. Yet, on November 8th, 120 million of our fellow Americans voted to prolong this insanity. Those votes were an endorsement of institutional murder by our government. I wonder if everyone is proud that they have given our corrupted government, four more years to murder innocent men, women, and children all over the world, either directly or through the sale of weapons to other corrupt nations that also believe in murdering their opponents.


Right now Republicans in three states are discussing the way electoral votes are allotted to make sure no Democrat, let alone Independent, whatever, can gain the White House. And you are still talking about a duopoly? My friend, we are facing a monopoly for a longtime to come if they do as they are thinking of.


Did not MLK say and I am paraphrasing, that the USA was the greatest purveyor of violence in the world? Not much has changed in 200+ years, eh?


The USA always talks about "enemies". Who are the USA's enemies apart from those that it has created itself?

We Brits forgave you after 1815.


Well Kris, As long as 99% of voters chose corrupt, political parties, election after election after election, and expect a different result, this is the definition of insanity. When they buy into and support the insanity, the Duopoly keeps on going, just like the Energizer Bunny. But this is not funny. Now, this extremely repressive government is pitting all of us against each other. Do you think that this is not by design? This is exactly what they planned. And instead of all of us standing up to those who would pollute our air, our water, our food systems, we chose sides, and why, because we voted for one of these two a$$ buckets. Good luck in your future.


You and I are of like mind Joseph. Keep up the good fight to educate the masses that voting for the Duopoly will only lead us to Damnation.


KC, I cannot help you pal if you believe the Democrats will be our only hope. Yeah, the Orange one is a real piece of work, and remember, Bernie told us the Billionaires would try to buy this election. What did the Democrats do, F'd Bernie and supported the weaker candidate. I'm so tired of rehashing this crap. Do what you will, but please, learn.


Bernie lost by four million votes. Sorry, but that's the reality. He just didn't have enough of a constituency behind him, particularly in the early states. Hell, he did well in the party sponsored contests in smaller states, the caucuses. He didn't do well in the larger state-run primary elections. Democrats didn't do that to him unless you mean he didn't get Democratic votes.

I don't expect Democrats to save me. I do hope progressives will be more strategic in their thinking in the future. The Right certainly is.


The statement that he doesn't know where it came from is an alternative fact. His job is to know about things like this. You can bet that no one is actually going to tell where this came from because it would be just one more black eye on drumpf and his minions.


Bernie did much better in states with open primaries. Clinton did better with Democrat voters, but Bernie did much better with independent voters. Their are currently more independents than Democrats or Republicans in this country. Yet, independents are shut out of the primary system in many states. I think Americans as a whole would prefer Bernie to Hillary and would prefer Bernie to Trump.


Clinton won more state-run primaries than Bernie including closed, open, or semi-open. She thwacked him in the semi-open one he needed most in the end: California.

Basically, Bernie did well in the most closed, least democratic form of picking a candidate, the caucus system. Projections show Clinton might have won by an even larger margin if those held closed or semi-open primaries. Even if every primary were completely open so Republicans and libertarian party folks could participate (I am opposed), projections showed her winning.

That Bernie was reduced to arguing about process issues by May signaled to me he knew the game was over. That's typically what losing candidates do. Sad that too many progressives lost their marbles instead of seeing what everyone else could.