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White House Economists Are Obsessed with Socialism


White House Economists Are Obsessed with Socialism

Jim Hightower

Trump’s White House seems to be both spooked… and spooky.

Check out a 72-page “spookonomics” report issued right before Halloween by his Council of Economic Advisors. It reads like an endless Trump tweet, focused on his perceived political enemies and riddled with fantasies, lies, and paranoia about the policies of progressives.


!st: Mr. Hightower, I love your radio broadcasts. Humorous and insightful.
2nd: It is so like this administration and unfortunately it’s generally uneducated supporters, to swallow and spew this nonsense. I think the only thing we can do is keep showing examples from other countries that provider healthcare and education that are allies and capitalist; (think Netherlands for instance–capitalist economy since the 1600s, yet provides for its citizens too). That and keep pointing out how each corporation is actually cheating them, be it making them “contract workers” or part-time, in order to avoid paying health and other benefits, like real salaries.


Fantasies huh?

How about this one, bury Trump and reanimate Mao.


The only way we are going to turn our country around and actually do something about climate chaos is to be really bold!

The message should be something like: We, the People for a Healthy Caring Society!

Healthcare for All - No exceptions - employers should love this! and it benefits everyone!

Education for All - Free for Life - put free wi-fi in every home and make courses available online! And an educated workforce benefits everyone!

Government is employer of last resort - IE: everyone gets a paycheck! This would put about $100 billion (5 million or so by $20K) into our ailing economy the first year. Crime would be dramatically reduced! We can always afford $45K/yr to keep a person locked up! You should not have to go to prison to get these basic necessities!

For the run up to the 2020 election, we should say loudly and clearly, you are being screwed! If we stick together, we could have a really great country that works for everyone! And maybe even do something to avoid climate catastrophe!

How can we build solidarity with our fellow working class citizens if we don’t offer them a lifeline?


Numerous sources advocating essentially that. Hard to say how much traction they will develop given that both the “loyal opposition” (the “Democratic” party) and the Fourth Estate (the MSM) are almost as feverish in their efforts to suppress such ideas as is “Greed Over People, Inc.” (the “Republican” party which, like it’s opposite number, is laughably antithetical to its name).

But it is very important, as you say, that we be bold: Shoot for the moon! Some group yesterday did indeed use a quote from JFK on the order of “We choose to go to the moon.” We must above all avoid Obama’s negotiating strategy of leading with your bottom line offer and negotiating down from there. There might be some danger in the opposite extreme, but the first two of your three specific policy proposals already exist in a dozen or more countries which the USian public at large look upon as both backward and socialistic–say WHAT?!?


How about Ask not what your country can do for you et al- what Prez Kennedy said etc.


Yes, that was a great line, and unexpected. I was in ninth grade and the whole school was in the auditorium watching the inauguration on TV, and it certainly caught me off guard. It could easily be interpreted as demanding that the public serve the state while seeking nothing in return, as in fascism. But Kennedy framed it in the context of coming together to fulfill the vision and aspirations of the Founders to move the country forward toward its true greatness as expressed in the Preamble to the Constitution, as opposed to mere butt kicking as many today would have it.

Did he really mean it? Well, there is a fairly broad consensus today that the CIA offed him because they had a rather different idea of American “greatness.” They soon got it from his successor, even as he was shepherding through Congress three of the most progressive pieces of legislation since the Depression (Civil Rights Act, Voting Rights Act, and Medicare), and from that time until this.


We ready have socialism ,it’s for the rich ,and capitalism and competition on steroids for all the rest of the peasants.
The rich created the system and stand by all the institutions that they put in place .


It’s a different country now. Really, it is.


Not socialism, democracy.

Corporations are not people, but have economies of scale. Tax the rich, not corporations.

Save the super-rich to save ourselves.

Set net worth limits by yearly referendum. Distribute excess wealth among all citizens.

We the people are the government, not public employees.

We decide public budgets, not politicians, oligarchs, religions or madmen.