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White House Ethics Loophole for Ivanka 'Doesn't Work,' Say Watchdogs

White House Ethics Loophole for Ivanka 'Doesn't Work,' Say Watchdogs

Nika Knight, staff writer

Ivanka Trump's bizarre new White House role that grants her a West Wing office and security clearance, but no official title or salary, simply does not work.

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“Trump is the most successful president we have ever had. What other president has become a billionaire? So he should be allowed do anything he wants to do as president. When these liberal snowflakes have proven themselves to be equally successful as Trump by becoming billionaires themselves, then they can criticize him”

  • actual sentiment expressed by someone commenting in my local newspaper…

More proof that Trump is good for the comedy writers of late night TeeVee with that comment about Trump’s qualities. Seems this person would probably think it OK if this Pres wanted to utilize the nuclear arsenal since he should be allowed to do whatever he wants.

This is a most interesting arrangement with Ivanka. She is unpaid, at least by the government, yet she is acting as a government employee, to do what, we don’t know, answerable only to Daddy.


Are you joking !
Being a billionaire isn’t the definition of successful.
Here is:
A man that has thousands of law suits against him because of his “ethics”.
A man under federal investigation for connections to Russia.
A man that is trying to “make America great again” by taking away healthcare for the poor and providing $197,000 rebates for the top .1%
And, you call this success ???

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Too funny. Trump inherited 100s of millions of dollars. All he had to do was invest it in an index fund and sit on the beach and he’d be a billionaire still. Some success. The success of sperm swimming in rich people’s bodies


What the hell is TRULY going on, besides the establishment of an oligarchic family dynasty?

I’ve heard of a momma’s boy but never of a daughter’s boy. I still think there’s something creepy about the whole famn damily…


Creepy, Yes!

Trumpette Barron, always has that creepy, Addams Family look whenever he’s paraded around, on display with Poppy. And that’s just the kid.

Eyes and ears? No. More like smoke and mirrors. What a BS presidency.


What comes to mind for me is the ‘dog-whistle’ of precisely the paid/unpaid actually existing as controversy in a cut and dried case of nepotism in a blatantly fascist (if corporate/government marriage is used as definition) administration in an ostensibly democratic nation.

Ever since Reagan the grease of fascism has been assiduously massaged into every nook and cranny to suffocate and gut government. Remember that his minions first gutted funding, then slashed staff so that political hay could be made by pointing fingers at “incompetence”. The next stage, in which we find currently ourselves, is the ’ mafia’ model writ large, backed by a military unprecedented in human history. Why? Because it is systematically deconstructing governance / due process as we have known it, flawed as it has been.

I never hear it said that government in a “representative democracy” would by definition NEED TO GROW to respond to the criteria of representation of societal concerns. Instead ’ big government’ is treated as a stand-alone phenomenon. By so doing, the accountability of the narrative linking human beings to a system of governance is skewed and twisted eight ways from Sunday with the full abandon of the sociopathic cycles it foments.

When we talk about the dynamics of the Trump regime it is. I would submit, absolutely essential to keep in mind that as George Carlin put it THEY OWN YOU. Society is regarded and addressed not as consideration of human life, but as hundreds of millions of gullets down which to force anything for profit. The cancer MUST grow, otherwise it dies - and almost does so about every 8 -10 years

Is my anger showing ? Sure feels like it is.


Ah yes, good old American values, in which the worth of a person is proportionate to the amount of money he/she manages to accumulate,even if it is at the expense of others, which, in the case of large fortunes, it nearly always is!


“Having it both ways” seems to be a white/right-wing thing.
So, now that it has been determined that Ivanka’s arrangement is inappropriate, what’s an awake citizen to do? I would love to see them all perp-walked out of the White House- what does it take to make it happen?

Wearing a pink hat and chanting “Resist!” doesn’t seem to be working…

"Published reports quote Ms. Trump’s attorney as saying that her job “will be to serve as the president’s ‘eyes and ears’…”

  • If I read that correctly, it translates out that she is Daddy’s (Trump’s) snitch, and has no checks and balances.
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The word “snowflake” used by these idiots to dismiss liberals is lame and pathetic, along with their bankrupt political “philosophy”.

Ethics and Trump (any of them except, perhaps, for Tiffany) should never appear in the same sentence except that one that says “The loathsome Trump clan is devoid of ethics”.