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White House for Sale: Emoluments, Corruption and Donald Trump


White House for Sale: Emoluments, Corruption and Donald Trump

Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan

“Emolument” is a word few people used, or even knew, until Donald Trump assumed the presidency. Now, it’s being bandied about the Beltway on a daily basis, and is at the heart of several lawsuits accusing President Trump of corruption. At issue is a rarely referenced item in the U.S. Constitution, the foreign emoluments clause. There is a parallel domestic emoluments clause as well, which plaintiffs say Trump also is violating.


From the beginning, Trump always saw it as the Presidential Throne. What seems so obvious now is that he came to the throne with a pre-selected team (Kushner to lead it as Grand Vizier) that would make the most of the opportunity to use certain 'diplomatic advantages'!


Happy Birthday To You,

Happy Birthday To You,

Happy Birthday Little Donnie,

Mr.Muellers Coming For You!


Maybe DT wants to end the Cold War, so he can do corrupt business deals with Russian oligarchs ...So! ......


The 59 Tomahawk missiles that Donald Trump ordered fired at a Syrian airbase (which resumed operations the next day) cost $60 million dollars to replace. They were manufactured by Raytheon, Inc.. At one time, Mr. Trump owned stock in Raytheon. It is not known whether he still does.


DJT always presents himself as the cruel godfather.
I'll take POTUS Pence til 2020 departure.


And not just SINCE he took office.  Did Russian banks (i.e. Putin & Pals) bail him out after U.S. banks learned he couldn't be trusted? And once they owned him, did they "suggest" that he appoint Paul Manafort (already in cahoots with Russia vs Ukraine) as his campaign manager? Who "suggested" Rex Tillerson for Secty. of State and Mike Flynn for Intelligence Advisor (both of whom have long records of business deals with Russia)?  And how much does Jared Kushner owe Russian interests?   FOLLOW THE MONEY!!

The bribe paid to Benedict Arnold is chump change when compared with emoluments paid to Trump & Family.


And who's going to make the big bucks equipping, supplying and protecting another 4,000 U.S. troops when they're sent to Afghanistan?  Boeing, Lockheed, Raytheon, GE, Halliburton, BlackWater, et al, of course . . .
Like I said above, FOLLOW THE MONEY!!