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White House Hiroshima Visit Puts Spotlight on Nuclear Hypocrisy


White House Hiroshima Visit Puts Spotlight on Nuclear Hypocrisy

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The White House said Tuesday that President Barack Obama's historic trip to Hiroshima should not be seen as an apology to victims of the 1945 U.S. atomic bombing of Japan, doubling down on what anti-nuclear advocates say was already a hypocritical gesture.

Press secretary Josh Earnest told reporters during a press conference that if people see Obama's visit as an apology, "they'll be interpreting it wrongly."


And these new shiny nuclear weapons will be smaller and thus will be considered more usable by the insane hawks throughout our military/industrial complexed establishment. So scary!


The human race to the bottom continues...


Are they being designed to fit on predator assassin drones.


The visit will only be meaningful if he voids the nuclear upgrade project. Let's save $348 billion. Good gosh that is a huge waste of money.


Reality: Nice thought, but the world will never be free of these monsters. The genie is out of the bottle. The world would be best served right now by stopping what is going on: endless war. now. Seems no one wants to confront that.


JUST Another Reminder & Example that the Powers that Be want to maintain world order through fear from Nuclear Destruction.
Also another reminder, that the President of the US is just a figurehead and that whatever he/she promises prior to election are words only....that once elected they become the spokes-person and sales-person for the current policies in place for the current world order..... For Now we do live under one-world-government, called the Corporate World Government hidden in plain site. Welcome to your new reality.... Like a frog in a slowly warming pot of water coming to boil, so we have been slowly transitioned to this state.....Also no pun intended with the slowly warming pot of boiling water.....with regard to Climate Change.


I was not around when Truman became one of the worst war criminals in history. But when I got to college and realized what Truman had authorized in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, I had a hard time believing that a human being could live with his conscience after murdering so many thousands of innocent men, women and children with nuclear bombs.

And how can Obama a war criminal, be expected to apologize for another war criminal?

If one wants to give Truman the benefit of the doubt that the nuclear devastation and perdition of Hiroshima and Nagasaki ended the second world war, then if it had been my decision instead of Truman's, I would have dropped the nukes on an empty Japanese Island and that would have put so much fear in the Japanese government that they would probably still have surrendered.


VJ Day plus 60
Steve Osborn

15 August, 1945 and the world went wild!
The insanity that had begun in 1939 was over.
Imperial Japan had surrendered, its one wish granted.
Few knew it had been trying to surrender for months,
Asking only to keep its Emperor, but no one would listen.
Except a small group who wondered why.

We had a lesson to teach, to Japan and the world at large.
16 July, 1945, in the American desert, Trinity was detonated.
Far more powerful than expected, the superweapon worked!
Horrified, many scientists said, “It must never be used.”
The war department said, “Just what we need.”
Intelligence said, “They’re trying to surrender.”

“Bomb an offshore deserted island,” the scientists said.
“Maybe it won’t go off,” the military said, “we’d look foolish.”
“Destroying a city without warning is barbaric,” said the diplomats.
“They really want to surrender,” said intelligence.
“We’ll call the city a military target,” said Truman,
“The Russians will get a big surprise.”

6 August 1945, an elderly gardener looked up from his spade
Admiring the silver plane flying far above.
His shadow remains etched in the concrete wall behind him.
Schoolchildren, housewives, tradesmen
Blown to rags of flesh or vaporized, the lucky ones.
Thousands of others doomed to slow death and disease.

“They keep asking for someone to take their surrender,” said intelligence,
“Can’t we at least talk to them?”
“They have to be taught a lesson and the world must see our power,”
Said the military,” Besides, we have to test the second bomb.”
And so the wheels were set in motion for the second demonstration
Of Hell on earth.

9 August 1945, above the city of Kokura, the Gods of Chance roll the dice.
A hundred thousand or more go about their business,
Unsuspecting of the doom flying above the thick cloud cover.
In Nagasaki, the people enjoyed the sunshine as the cloud cover broke.
“Secondary target is clear,” and their world suddenly ended in fire and shock
And radiation sleeting through their bodies.

“Now let them surrender,” said the military, “The test is completed.”
Two cities vaporized, two hundred thousand dead,
Survivors to suffer, some for days, some for decades,
And the nuclear arms race begun.
“By golly, we sure showed them!”
“We’ll let them keep their Emperor.”

15 August, 1945 and the world went wild!
The end of the war and of war itself!
There was dancing in the streets and love in the parks,
The blackouts ended in the streets and the homes.
Japan and Germany licked their wounds,
In Washington and the Kremlin, midnight oil was burning.

15 August 2005, nations have risen and fallen;
War and genocide again ravage the world.
Treaties made by thoughtful men have been discarded
In the name of profit and greed; nuclear horror again hovers
Over a world exhausted by war, famine and disease.
Only the aging survivors remember the bloody lesson, taught so long ago.

Steve Osborn
15 August 2005
And now 71 years have passed, with no lessons learned.


Thank you Mr Noble Peace Prize winner.
Because of your aggression to Russia and China. There subs are off both coast. With there nuclear missiles on hair trigger alert. These are dangerous times. A lot more so then the Cuban missile crisis. So what's it going to be. A nuclear war with Russia and China. Or a economic collapse of the US dollar.


heres some words that bear repeating 'there would have never been a hiroshima if there hadn't been a pearl harbor'


That option was actually on the table, but it was scrapped. History showed that even after the total nuclear destruction of two cites and the Soviet invasion of Japan, it still took them a while to decide to surrender. Even then, the Japanese had to be dragged kicking and screaming to the surrender table.

Second guessing and Monday morning QB is easy. Sitting in an office after 4 years of war with young people dying every day and no end in sight usually gives you different perspective.


Obama is so full of hypocritical hot air, he should be tried for global terrorism for all that hot air! Fortunately, he will not be in the White House much longer.


You are incorrect Shantiananda. The Japanese were trying to surrender, but they wanted to keep Emperor Hirohito. But we had been demanding unconditional surrender. Instead of working that out, we bombed Hiroshima. Before the Japanese had time to assess what had happened to them we dropped the second one. The reason for the rush was that whereas the first was a Uranium device, the second was a Plutonium and the weaponeers were hell bent on testing it. In the end the Japanese kept their emperor. The hypocrisy is that bombing them saved thousands of American lives. That was not so.


Thanks for your reply and informational post.


My post was not meant to exonerate the Japanese government because they were guilty of heinous atrocities, but so was the US for dropping nuclear bombs on 100,000 or more, innocent Japanese civilians.

Why was the option of using an uninhabited island to drop the nukes on, taken off the table?


My poem, above, is based on material which, I hope, is still available.
* I've watched the Ministry of Truth bringing history in line with what the government and its masters want for many years. Orwell was not too far off. Perhaps he (inadvertently, I hope) has provided lessons and methods to our "great powers" as did the Nazis through Operation Paperclip and other CIA operations.


I really don't know. The Japanese were not really reasonable? Payback for Pearl? To show that the US means business? I bet there's some paper somewhere describing the whole process.

It definitely made an impact on US politics and staregy as well. They have been fighting wars half assed and never really won one since.


There is information that the government knew an attack on Pearl Harbor was going to take place. In any case there is never no justifiction for dropping not one but two Atomic bombs on population centers.


Because the Japanese were looked at has a subhuman race by Truman. Interesting fact, that right after this genocide. Truman was awarded a 33 degree Free Mason.