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White House Installs Allies in Cabinet Agencies to Track Loyalty


White House Installs Allies in Cabinet Agencies to Track Loyalty

Nika Knight, staff writer

The White House has installed 16 political appointees across multiple Cabinet agencies in order to track secretaries' loyalty to the president and his agenda, the Washington Post reported late Sunday, citing eight unnamed officials.


This is a symptom of someone who is incredibly insecure, and probably rightly so, as Trump lacks the knowledge base or skills to manage the government and he knows it. Therefore, he's afraid of those whose professionalism or skill might make him look insufficient or inadequate.

Turns out his self-confidence has a high correlation with the size of his hands.


Rocky, Trump doesn't need to worry about others whose professionalism or skill might make him look insufficient or inadequate. He's got that handled all by himself.

Perhaps, he should have taken those Ethics classes that were offered to his White House staff, before he chose to decide none of them needed to learn about ethics in government.


CD should use the correct nomenclature. They're not 'allies', they're properly called political commissars.

The commissars are pretty easy to spot: they all have Tokarev TT-22 pistols near to hand so that they can shot whoever isn't enthusiastic enough about the leader's policies.


Oh, I agree he'll make himself look inadequate all by himself. But, he'll be at wits end trying to make sure he doesn't look like that to others -- an all-together Sisyphean task.


Moles in every nook and cranny...billionaires do not take kindly to being spied on or second-guessed. DJT is too damn dimwitted and besotted with his narcissism to truly understand with just whom he is dealing: His corporate megalomaniacal "captains of industry" cabinet secretary anointees did not get where they were in the private sector by being groveling sychophants...he is their pawn and not the other way around. Nero had no clue, either. And Hitler had any number of attempts/plots on his life perpetrated by his inner circle. Too bad GOP members of Congress choose to turn blind eyes to the demagogue while incessantly grasping at straws trying to "normalize" him. Not gonna happen.

And if those "allies" are anything like Stephen Miller and/or chosen by Bannon, they will not hesitate to eat their own kin for money and power.


Hey Seatower I think you may be on the right track . . . .
He is being propped by a Republican Congress and the hand picked folks around him.
"THEY," those surrounding him, have the agenda and will use him as a front man, get their agenda completed and then maybe dump him and use him as the scape goat for the mess they will leave behind.
I don't think he is dumb, he is just not paying much attention to those that "let him be Donald," as the saying goes. He spends to much time watching what is going on in the mirrors on the walls.

Of course this is just my opinion but I call it like I see it . . . . .


So true indeed. Paranoia dovetailed with Narcissistic Personality Disorder is nasty, nasty combination:

"The paranoid delusions of the narcissist are always grandiose, "cosmic", or "historical". His pursuers are influential and formidable. They are after his unique possessions, out to exploit his expertise and special traits, or to force him to abstain and refrain from certain actions. The narcissist feels that he is at the centre of intrigues and conspiracies of colossal magnitudes. Alternatively, the narcissist feels victimized by mediocre bureaucrats and intellectual dwarves who consistently fail to appreciate his outstanding - really, unparalleled - talents, skills, and accomplishments. Being haunted by his challenged inferiors substantiates the narcissist's comparative superiority. Driven by pathological envy, these pygmies collude to defraud him, badger him, deny him his due, denigrate, isolate, and ignore him.

The narcissist projects onto this second class of lesser persecutors his own deleterious emotions and transformed aggression: hatred, rage, and seething jealousy.

The narcissist's paranoid streak is likeliest to erupt when he lacks narcissistic supply. The regulation of his labile sense of self-worth is dependent upon external stimuli - adoration, adulation, affirmation, applause, notoriety, fame, infamy, and, in general, attention of any kind.

When such attention is deficient, the narcissist compensates by confabulating. He constructs ungrounded narratives in which he is the protagonist and uses them to force his human environment into

Put simply, he provokes people to pay attention to him by misbehaving or behaving oddly."



Mollie Ivans quote: "As they say around the Texas Legislature, if you can't drink their whiskey, screw their women, take their money, and vote against 'em anyway, you don't belong in office."