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White House Joins Netanyahu In Making Case for Iran Deal


White House Joins Netanyahu In Making Case for Iran Deal

Ben Armbruster

Something remarkable happened last night regarding the Iran nuclear agreement. Despite Donald Trump’s years-long uninformed noise about how terrible the deal supposedly is, the White House inadvertently justified its existence.

In what appeared to be an effort to confirm Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu’s stunt yesterday to convince Trump to kill the deal, the White House issued a statement about the ongoing nature of Iran’s nuclear weapons program.

Then it immediately retracted that claim.


As usual, Bibi’s “tail” is trying to wag the trumpeting dog again, and the dog is trying to wag on demand, but the trumpeter and his minions doesn’t quite know how to do it.
*Let’s hope they never learn.


In reality this has NOTHING to do with the “Nuclear deal”. All of the talk of why even get rid if it if it the only thing that can prevent Iran from obtaining Nuclear Weapons is a straw man.

The reality is that ISrael and the USA are looking for reasons to use so as to attack Iran and remove its Government and then see that nation break up into smaller nation states.


It’s up to us now to stop them.
What would we have expected German citizens to do to stop Hitler/Nazis?
Also remember, that their support and funding was largely from the USA/Elites
and from Elites internationally.

If we want peace, there is only one way to have that happen.
The very Elitism-Patriarchy created by Our Founders and the wealth given to them
by Our Founders must now be faced and challenged – successfully.

Let’s also remember that it was the Vatican’s long history of anti-Semitic propaganda
which prepared Europeans for the increasing anti-Semitic propaganda and “final solution”
by Hitler/Nazis which led to the Jewish Holocaust in Germany and Hitler’s war-making
over most of the planet. The Vatican “catapulted” Hitler/Nazis to power.

The sentiments of American Elites which tried to kill FDR and may have succeeded at the
very end haven’t changed much.

Christianity underpins Elite-patriarchy.

And it has long been one of the most successful tools in the Elite toolbox.