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White House Places All Blame for 'Astonishingly Corrupt' Whitefish Contract on Puerto Rico

White House Places All Blame for 'Astonishingly Corrupt' Whitefish Contract on Puerto Rico

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Advocacy groups are calling for the deal to be cancelled and congressional Democrats are demanding an investigation


That anyone at all in Puerto Rico had any knowledge whatsoever of a two-person “company” in Montana beggars belief. I guess that “draining the swamp” meant not to get rid of corruption, but to first rid Washington of anyone who could impede the corruption and, second, to put in place the most vile and corrupt people Trump could dig out of the woodwork. Not to worry though. Corruption flowing from a venal and imbecilic White House will become forgotten soon after the start of the ratings-driven nuclear war Trump is about to launch. Better get out there and buy up all the sunscreen I can afford.


I dunno. This may seem off-topic but I am finding that spokesperson to be transforming into a repulsive slug. She has no shame. FEMA leadership needs to be speaking for itself.


Her job is to transform Trump’s bald-faced lies into “official truth.” Just look at her sneering face and try to imagine a single true word coming out of it. Trump chooses his minions well insofar as they represent his bottomless moral emptiness.


The most inept gang of thieves there ever were. Usually it takes decades to get caught and then get your wrists slapped but Zinke(I think it’s him) and FEMA are unable to walk and chew gum at the same time. What we need is a Real FEMA to go in and rescue our government, we need some Real disaster relief here folk’s. The country is awash in orange doodoo.


So, the “WH” (Trump) “Places All Blame” for the “Whitefish Contract” “[Corruption]” “on Puerto Rico”?

I guess this chapter did not fit into the Leaked PR Production notes?

Or, I guess that Carmen Yulin Cruz, mayor of San Juan (“This Is Not a Good News Story!”), went out of her way to collude in corruption against the very people she has been fighting for, by way of surreptitiously participating in arranging a $300 million no-bid contract to a company which she has been criticizing and confronting, openly?

Which guess would be more likely, and believable?

Wasn’t it just yesterday that we read a Headline which included the following: “Whitefish Energy threatened to end its work on Puerto Rico’s power grid in light of mayor’s questions about transparency”?

Translation: “If you question us we will leave you to Die!”


Another: “What We’ve Got Here Is a Failure To Communicate.”

And Overall: "Greed Is Good."


Although the US mastered the art of blaming victims and rewarding perpetrators during Saint Ron’s regime, Trump is taking it to new heights.


What were Liberty Valance’s last words?

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Dunno. What were they?

Oh, how I wish we had CJ Cregg as Press Secretary and Jeb Bartlett in the Oval Office!


Appropriate given the times and the intended recipient. The other great quote, of course, and another fitting our context is the one the newspaper editor assigns his reporter. The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance has been called the greatest political movie ever made. I’m disinclined to disagree with that evaluation.

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Got to love the brass balls of a no-bid contract. Makes me look back on how well that worked out in the past: don’t mind us if we run up the tab, Halliburton, and don’t mind us if are guns go a blazing in Nisour Square, Bagdad, Blackwater.


It is in Huckabee Sander’s DNA to be a professional prevaricator. I;m sure she convinced in her derangement that she thinks she’s "doing the work of the Lord.
Lord Darth Vader.


Since the taxpayers are paying for it the White House and Congress should have a lot to do with. How about what’s in the contracts??? is there accountability???


As I recall they were “ OK Dude. Right between the eyes.”

The other quote, whose implications are sometimes wildly misunderstood, is “When the legend becomes fact, print the legend.”

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Those missile silo condos are looking better every day.

No-bid contracts are not open for the public to take a peek, its that horrid, and accountability? Whitefish just like Halliburton is going to be running up the bill into the billions quick.


To further your point: It’s difficult to see how a mayor of a single city could sign an agreement for island-wide repairs, not to mention there’s that appointed oversight board that controls everything PR does.


Mr. Musk’s Tesla deal sounds so much better.


Maybe it’s just me, but $300m seems likes a trifling amount considering what needs to be done, and at the outrageous hourly compensations Trump stupidly tweeted about, just how many feet of line will be restored? The total certainly will not be reckoned in miles. What a sick fucking joke. Some of these antics are making banana republics look genius.