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White House Power Player Jared Kushner Is Keeping Parts of His Real Estate Empire

White House Power Player Jared Kushner Is Keeping Parts of His Real Estate Empire

Justin Elliot, Pro Publica, Al Shaw, ProPublica

Jared Kushner, the president's son-in-law and the heir to a family real estate empire, has emerged as perhaps Donald Trump's closest adviser.

“…his lawyers outlined a plan under which they said Kushner would avoid any possibility that his White House work would overlap with his business interests.” Huh. Just think, it would have been cheaper to just not do it. So now, people in government have to get lawyers to help them not break the law LOL. War is peace, ignorance is strength…

Time for the “Brooklyn Bridge for Sale” jokes to line up here. Who knows, he might actually own a bolt or two from the bridge. Bet he could sell it with the “Trump” name on it, to China.

At the rate Trump and the GOP Congress will be increasing corporate welfare and cutting corporate taxes, there won’t be many public assets they WON"T sell.

Conflict of interest is normal business with the Dumpsters.

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This article noted in a very limited sense that, “Given the sprawling and complicated nature” of Kushner’s specific real-estate Empire… is something that we all ought to think about, demonstrate against, write to our other lying politicians about, and get into the streets to protest. To which I say, BS.

But the key truth of this seminal issue is that “Given the sprawling and complicated nature” of EMPIRE itself, this is not limited to Kushner, nor Trump, nor the ‘rougher-talking’ neocon ‘R’ Vichy Party of the EMPIRE, nor the ‘smoother-lying’ neoliberal-con ‘D’ Vichy Party of the exact same EMPIRE, nor anything else … but rather that EMPIRE ITSELF is the hidden cancerous tumor of ALL THE LITTLE ‘identity issues’ that distract and divide us, and all the more significant (but still subordinate) ‘symptom problems’, like; unending wars, vast inequality, racism, torture, domestic spying, police states, corporate looting, environmental death-spiral, etc., etc., etc., (that also divide and confuse some), and our entire “ailing social order” [Bauman], that nothing as small-minded and stupid as just Jared Kushner’s position and partial control of this Disguised Global Capitalist EMPIRE is of any consequence nor importance in the American people firing a loud, public, sustained, but non-violent “Shout heard round the world” to ignite an essential Second American “Political Revolution against EMPIRE” overall.

We need to ignore the little shit and focus, like an effin laser, on EMPIRE ITSELF.

Our forefathers knew this focus on overthrowing the EMPIRE, first, last, and only, was the central key to “Give me Liberty (from EMPIRE) or give me death”. They knew, as people today DON’T, that; Liberty, Democracy, Equality, and Justice were all dependent on expunging EMPIRE (and Empire alone).

But Americans got stupid over time and got deluded, dumbed-down, propagandized, distracted, and divided into believing (without thinking) shit like the shills, fans, and followers of Slick Willie popularized that, “It’s the economy, stupid”.

Well, “It’s NOT the economy, stupid”, and “It never was the economy, stupid” ----- “It’s always been, and still is, the EMPIRE, stupids”

While Trump is the ‘Poster-Boy’ for Empire, and thus the biggest ‘gift’ of a WakeTF-up call that all American people ever got, “we the American people” have to be smart enough and motivated enough to use and leverage that gift in our coming “Political Revolution against EMPIRE”

‘Calling-out’ the Empire as an Empire is the only way the people will ever accomplish anything. [period]

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The only way to divest of "parts of his real estate empire’ would be “to pry them from his cold, dead hands”…as the saying goes. The emperor set the precedent… no one has to wholly divest of their holdings, NO ONE. Tillerson just put all his holdings in accounts in the Caymans like Mnuchin…they have a host of legal counsel to find ways to stash the holdings out of sight but not out of their hands. Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld know that trick all too well

Working with the emperor and in the WH gives Kushner unlimited access to inside information worldwide…the world is now his cash cow.

I’m just waiting for the broadcast where Tarkin, I mean Trump disolves the Senate :slight_smile:

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