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White House Pushes 'Pure Giveaway' to Rich Investors While Urging Cut to Pandemic Unemployment Benefits

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/14/white-house-pushes-pure-giveaway-rich-investors-while-urging-cut-pandemic

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The old white mostly males are crushing society, they are so afraid of death …

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We are not simply being told to eat cake, they are telling us to eat shit. Are we going to continue to tolerate this? How bad does it have to get?


Kudlow, Mnuchin, and Trump are three pampered little rich boys who have a screaming need to have something they have never had in their pathetic, privileged lives, and that is a good ass kicking. Really, they need to be knocked the fuck out.


There’s no good reason for anyone that is not in the top 10-20% of income earners, or wants to be free of regulatory restraints (that benefit of society), to vote for 4 more years of Donald Trump.

USA citizens as a whole have been putting up with these criminals for decades now. They keep on voting for both corporate parties whose only job is to enact laws so their masters can “legally” steal everything from the citizens. Nothing will change, we are at the end stage of an economic system that has continually evolved by design to benefit a tiny minority of sociopathic criminals. There is going to be a massive surge of homeless folks in the coming weeks and months and the inevitable social unrest that will follow. Voting is MEANINGLESS now. The only thing left is massive general strikes and boycotts which actually needed to happen a couple decades ago. There is nothing but a horrible dystopian future for the rest of us. And if the rest of us had truly been paying attention we would have noticed that this has been happening to the poor among us for many many years now. And now they are coming for the rest of us and already have. All of this is the inevitable outcome of a nation of fools suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.


They don’t call them Robber Barons for nothin’.

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The next “stimulus” plan will only pass if includes a blanket immunity for all corporate lawsuits, and not just the ones concerning coronavirus. All of them.
It’s coming folks. It will be in the next stimulus bill, and Nancy will cheer it on.

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" “a payroll tax holiday”—which critics warn is a stealth attack on Social Security"

So what was it when Obama did it?

You are so right.

Why would we expect anything else. We get the government we deserve. No revolution, no change.

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That may be true if there was such a thing as a typical trump supporter. But, he caters to multiple one issue constituents, the money bags come from corporations that love the tax breaks and deregulations, then there are the wall builders, the white suprematists, the xenophobes, the right to lifers, the shoot them up second amendment gun nuts, the privatizers, the mad individualists, the so so rich with fat stock market portfolios, and the racists. And that is the base, at least 40 plus % of voters. And if you include the stupid ones, he may have a majority.
He must be removed from office, he is mentally unstable, impulsive and extremely dangerous.

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That great coroporatist leader Nancy Pelosi rubber-stamped the first ripoff, it’s only natural that Trumps people would think she wouldn’t resist this time

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It’s way past time to castigate Trump & his cronies ~ get rid of him now, he’s killing this country with his malfeasance.

TOO MUCH AND NEVER ENOUGH’. what a good title for a book about the greedy.