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White House Pushes Stricter Travel Ban, Pointing to London Attack


White House Pushes Stricter Travel Ban, Pointing to London Attack

Julia Conley, staff writer

While no information has been released about the nationalities of two suspects in Friday's subway bombing in London, national security advisor H.R. McMaster indicated Sunday that the Trump administration is eager to use the attack to bolster its argument for a ban on travelers from six majority-Muslim countries.

Appearing on ABC's "This Week" Sunday morning, McMaster said the White House is examining "how to protect the American people better, how to ensure that we know who these people are who are moving."


Danger–Will Robinson–Danger: people are moving . . .



And use American citizens to report, squeal, on people. Witness MOTEL 6 Arizona. One step closer to Nazis Germany and the faith of the Jewish people. ICE should be demolished, banned, destroyed. Matter off time before we have kids turning in their neighbors. This isn’t what is intended by due-process. Gestapo America anyone? If you have done nothing wrong you have nothing to fear? Oh yes their is. The knuckle draggers in the ALT RIGHT Super race,Fascist, have managed to convince themselves they deserve a superior position in country. Thank God for the ANTIFA. Fascist are not moved by logic or reason.


With all the Media hype about how mature, how adult, these people were. Another fascist. We don’t know yet if this eighteen year old isn’t some white Neo-Nazis!


A pattern emerges whereby any incident in another country provides an excuse for this administration to further tighten fascistic control measures.


Exactly. We don’t protect fascists under rights to free expression any more than we would protect the Ebola virus under the Endangered Species Act. Death to Fascism.


Are you saying there are Americans that don’t have the right to free speech? The First Amendment applies to everyone as far as I know. Of course not everything spoken or written is free speech. Direct threats to individuals does not quality as free speech.


Maybe I’m misremembering, but want the travel ban supposed to be for ninety days, while the authorities developed “tougher vetting”? Even though they pretended it wasn’t substantive already (it was) ninety days have come and gone. Nothing in this world stopped them from developing tougher vetting, and the ban would have been lifted by now. So, are they telling the American people, by their own warnings about keeping them “safe” that like children that don’t get their whole way, they declined to devise tougher vetting and we are still as it was when they first wanted the ban?
Why is this point not being raised? They claimed they needed a break from letting these people from these countries in, so they could change it, then didn’t bother changing it even though those days have passed now. What they been doing? Why have they not done what they claimed was needed. If they HAVE, why the ban?


Bomb innocents then ban innocents, interesting.


I hope none of that happens here. What I find sickening is the fact that I know some people who have the attitude of “Well, as long as you keep your nose clean, don’t retaliate if harassed or worse, and be this gentle-as-a-lamb little goody two-shoes, you’ll be okay.”, or the “don’t retaliate” attitude. I have a neighbor who’s got the above-mentioned attitudes, and it pisses me off…no end, whenever I think about it.


Oh wait, yes we do…


McConnell stole the courts. While Kennedy approved the religious ban violating the Constitution Gorsuch is their ace. If they can do baby steps they can do big steps. Remember when the GOP SCOTUS selected Bush President? Every thing Trump does is a baby-step to full blown fascism Putin style.