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White House Reviewing Plan by 'Deregulatory Zealots' to Relax Child Labor Laws

White House Reviewing Plan by 'Deregulatory Zealots' to Relax Child Labor Laws

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As part of its broad and relentless effort to roll back longstanding workplace safety regulations that have drastically reduced on-the-job injuries and deaths over the past several decades, President Donald Trump's Department of Labor (DOL) has

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“Making US businesses competitive again” is 1% code for “reducing the costs of labor for capitalists.”


It’s the end of everything. Purveyors of death win.

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Consistancy please!!!

Relax and end vagrancy laws and anti-panhandling laws in the wealthy neighborhoods. Allow vagrants and beggars to freely ply their trade by camping on the lawns of the elites and and sending their children to their doors to beg handouts. Allow them to compete without all the burdensome restrictions on their trade.



But well played in the Swiftian sense.

Well, that figures, as yet another atrocity and crime against humanity by the trump regime and its mentally diseased rotting fish-head leader…der trumpenfuhrer!!

Maybe they could increase the “immigrant” (refugee) child abductions/kidnappings and send them to labor camps or sell/rent them to corporate sweat shops…as it is they are denying/refusing reuniting families because the parents supposedly (according to what evidence?) aren’t fit or some such garbage…too many parking tickets?..applying for asylum the crime justifying the kidnappings… racist shite from goddamn pig MoFo’s!


As seemingly incompetent as these clowns seem to be, they make the Bush Admin of scumbags look like charitable normal people. Right to work laws and the courts cutting back on labor laws and safety regulations will surely make us competitive again, WITH VIETNAM AND MALASIA.


The White House has ordered the military to build concentration camps on military bases that could house any population including the children they snatched from their parents without any record of what they were doing. Trump the Nazi and Sessions the KKK are doing a good job living up to what are now Republican values.


Sounds like GOP Summer Camp jobs. Send your dear dear child to mine-clearing summer camp in SouthEast Asia. This is a job always in need of fresh bodies so you know you can get in. Not an exclusive rich person’s summer camp. No elites will get in your way or jump the line. No, No. Not here! This is just for the little people and your favorite teen. Give them a mine-blowing experience. And donate to the GOP now and at the end-of-year blow-out party.
/sarcasm (of course)

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With every outrage our will must be strengthened to bring about a new era of true justice based on the fact that we all share ONE Life.

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Imagine how quickly they’d all be killed in those neighborhoods – probably shot down on sight!
Who would even get through the gates?

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Giovanna –

Doubt it’s one life – looks like might be way more than 100’s –
maybe a thousand? Eternal Life!

Reincarnation is making a comeback as the reigns imposed on minds by “Christianity” begin to loosen and fall.

(Btw, who would be happier than the Catholic Church to see Roe vs Wade overturned? The Catholic Church and Mormon Church both used tax exempt dollars to fund the campaign against the ERA.)

The World’s religions all used to at one time teach the theory of Reincarnation … until it became inconvenient for Elites.

Suspect they’ve been working on this a long time –
The fast food “hamburger flipping jobs” gave them an opportunity – especially because these places weren’t unionized.

I began to notice teenaged workers cleaning the bathrooms of these fast food restaurants probably 30 years ago. I’d talk to the kids when I got a chance and made sure their parents knew what they were doing at work. I also tried to prod a lot of journalists to write about it because I really didn’t think that customers would want the kids flipping their burgers to also be cleaning the Johns at these places.
I heard back from one of them telling me that he had a large file on that story but wasn’t allowed to publish it at his newspaper.

At some point, I noticed that the movie – “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” (1982) had a scene where one of the male stars of the movie – the brother of the young girl who gets pregnant and seeks an abortion – is show cleaning the bathrooms at the fast food restaurant where he works. I guess by then the audience didn’t react because it was likely a teenaged audience which considered it normal by that time – ???

Also used to too often see young teenagers – trying to push around those long, long lines of very heavy carts. Must have been some complaints about it – or injuries – because now I still see senior citizen males doing it – and that some stores have an electric power engine that attaches to move the carts – but don’t very much see very young kids doing that any longer.

Maybe they could increase the “immigrant” (refugee) child abductions/kidnappings and send them to labor camps or sell/rent them to corporate sweat shops…

What sounds outlandish is, I think, serious Trumpistic policy.


Why is it that Trump thinks corporations are too stupid to figure out how to make a profit without hurting people?


Somethings don’t seem to change much. About 50 years ago when I was a teenager, my first job was at the newly opened McDonalds across from my high school. After a couple of months in addition to my regular shifts I was given the shift after everyone went home, cleaning the preparation area, floors, and washrooms. It was honest work that needed to be done and I did not think much about it. It did not take long to get tired of the shitty wages and I quit after three months.

The youTube video Francescas First Job reminds me of what it was like working in the fast food industry.

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Glad you got out of there –
but they got many teenagers to do that work.

In fact, my car broke down in upstate NY and my daughter and I went to a Pizza Hut there while the car was being fixed. When I went to the Ladies’ room, there was a woman there – may 22, 23 or so – cleaning the Johns. I asked her if she ever complained about it and she said jobs were very scare there and she had a young daughter to support.

Their overall attack on workers has been very successful.

Especially when the Dem Party said nothing about the attacks – nor any of this work teenagers were doing – 50 years ago!!


Yes – it was honest work – but it was dishonest of adults to ask you to do that work and to be overworked and underpaid. The adults who should have been protecting you just weren’t any longer as the New Deal protections were overturned. Cleaning Johns in fast food restaurants isn’t something teenagers should be doing. And, actually, no one who has anything to do with serving food should be cleaning Johns in restaurants. There were usually cleaning crews who did this work and they weren’t serving meals after it. Also emergency clean ups which could also happen. Sadly, these places have continued to escape unionization.


Yes, their already actually having “privatized” crony-operated “detention” centers making millions from housing abducted refugee-immigrant children…


Unfortunately many people do not really understand how capitalism works. They are told how good capitalism is for them if they only work hard and if they fail, it is because of some ‘other’ stealing from them. Thus it is China stealing our jobs, not the rich who offshored our jobs because it was far cheaper and more profitable. That those jobs will never return until the cost of doing so is cheaper than China or elsewhere.
The rich have done a great job of making unions evil, helping the poor is evil, everyone for themselves is good, tax cuts for the rich is good because the rich will throw you the bones.
When I was growing up capitalism was referred to as dog eat dog, cutthroat, etc proudly that the goal was to make the most money no matter how it was done. Now it is repackaged as a good for everyone w/o rules because rules constrain the ability to make money. And if you aren’t making money, it’s your own fault. Not the fault of the rich who pay you the least that they can get away with.