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White House Reviewing Plan by 'Deregulatory Zealots' to Relax Child Labor Laws

Oh wait—I see it now! It’s the Betsy DeVos School of NON Learning—and then Betsy can just send the know nothing students to her brother. He will have fully stupidized young people to add to his mercenary army! The pay is BIG–but then-----so are the death rates. I bet nobody makes it to his first paycheck. America----a scary place.


Great. We refuse asylum to refugees fleeing for their lives in part because “they’ll take jobs away from Americans and lower wages”. Now we are set to flood the labor market with cheap child labor. When do we allow orphanages to start renting out their children? Back to the 19th century, boys and girls.


Oh come on, time to bring back baby farms and 12 hour 7 day work weeks…

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just kill them all then trump won’t have to worry about possible defeat at the polls. sarcasm

Horrific. Immoral.

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