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White House Says Israeli Occupation of Palestinian Lands 'Must End'


White House Says Israeli Occupation of Palestinian Lands 'Must End'

Jon Queally, staff writer

President Obama's chief of staff Denis McDonough on Monday made a striking announcement on behalf of the administration by telling a crowd of Jewish-American political activists that Israel's military "occupation" of the West Bank must end as he pushed back against comments made by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu both before and after his recent reelection victory.


More hot air - means nothing unless aid is cut until Israel complies ...


This occupation must end or what? The USA has some tools it could use if it were sincere. Will it use any of them? Will it mean that we will not sell them F-35s? Not send them, already one of the richest countries in the world 3.1 billion in military aid? Not veto Palestinian resolutions affirming their right to a sovereign state in the UN? Just what will the US do to distance itself from the racist, apartheid state of Israel? Very little because when it comes to racist dog whistle control of politics, the racism of similar tactics of the Likud, we understand it very well and our corrupt and bought off politicians know that they get elected by the same kind of racism the Likud employs.

I know, let's earnestly sponsor another set of faux two party peace talks, peace talks fairly characterized as two parties arguing over their share of the pizza while one party continues to eat the other side's up. Yes let's have more of that. Shows how good and decent we are, almost as good as the Israeliis.


I want Obama to admit publicly what the entire world knows to be true, that Israel has nukes.


I think McDonough's remarks are a step in the right direction. Speaking on behalf of the president, he's saying something that needs to be said by the administration, and has not been said up until now by a ranking government official. He didn't say everything we'd like to hear, but I'll take it. By the way, Israel's per capita GDP is somewhat less than Spain's or Italy's. Those are not poor countries by international standards, but they are not among the richest countries in the world, nor is Israel. I would describe all three as upper middle class. But Israel can certainly afford to defend itself. It's interesting that McDonough also talks about the US continuing military aid to Israel. If I were an Israeli politician, or diplomat, I would take this as a veiled threat to discontinue said aid if something is not done to end the occupation.


If the U.S. actually wanted a Palestinian state there would already be a Palestinian state.

Netanyahu upset the apple cart by stating his true position on the issue ('It's not gonna happen on my watch'). Now Obama is screaming, "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain" and setting off some pyrotechnics to distract us from the fact that the U.S. and Israel both oppose a two-state solution. Obama is providing cover so the U.S. can continue to pretend to be an honest broker in the 'peace' process.


The only way that Israeli occupation will cease is for the U.S. to cut the money off. A.I.P.A.C. will see to it that the spigot stays open


Is it more empty hot air, or, is Obama testing the waters to see if it is okay with AIPAC for him to now become President of the US?


Congress authorizes; the administration spends.

Question: can the Obama administration hold up foreign aid expenditures (including military equipment due to) the need for reassessing our policy in regards to Israel? Some NeoCon holdovers at Foggy Bottom might then feel the need to submit their resignations, due to their personal objections. Oh my.


When did we become resident of the universe anyway? Why are we so concerned with all these people please tell me??


Make them give it all up. Give them Nevada. Sheldon already owns most of it.