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White House Scrambles as Time to Offer Proof of Wiretapping Claims Running Out


White House Scrambles as Time to Offer Proof of Wiretapping Claims Running Out

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

The hourglass is running out.

The Department of Justice has until the end of the day Monday to comply with the House Intelligence Committee's demand for documents that would substantiate President Donald Trump's claim that former President Barack Obama had Trump Tower wiretapped.


Back pedal Spicer and lie straight-faced for your emperor...you have sold your soul to the devil. You will wither and die serving this master.


Wow what a stupid run around.

wiretapping |ˈwī(ə)rˌtapiNG|
the practice of connecting a listening device to a telephone line to secretly monitor a conversation.

How many phones today are wired?

Hey folks its 2017 and nobody wiretaps anybody. All that is required and you bet it is being done, is to tap into a node at the phone company or capture a wifi signal. We already know they do this and collect everything going in or out. If they collect everything then everyone is having their personal data and conversations recorded. So the intelligence committee wants proof that DJT's phone are tapped. Yet they know better but of course would not say so because in fact the Intelligence committee does not want the American people to know that everyone's phone are being tapped. Well it is understandable that John McCain does not have a clue about this issue as he is brain dead and has been for sometime now.

If this is not so why is Ed Snowden stuck in Russia?

Get real congress you are an embarrassment to us all.


Ooooooh....beware the Deep State. GWB and Congress with the blessings of the American public in a knee-jerk reaction to 9-11 passed The Patriot Act and created a real shadow government with the Department of Homeland Security. Be careful. what you wish for....


The idiots are on parade. Maybe they should show congress the Breitbart 'fake news' article.


A total farce, and everyone knows it.
Republicans at their best.


Give us a minute, give us a minute. We'll come up with something.

So discouraging that we the people are paying folks to scoop up after such a fool.


On stage two: Enter the Ad-hoc argument. "But i didn't mean that, i meant this" (Under breath: These Americans are chumps, I'll just keep saying i meant something else, and it'll be fine. I'm President, I'll just start a new war of words and they will forget in a couple of weeks.) "Like I said, i didn't mean that, i meant this."


Thank you for the chuckle! Much needed and appreciated.


But Dean, trying to have a war of words with this one is fighting with the unarmed.


I feel like I am missing something in this story. I don't get why this is supposed to be such an outrage, even if true. Obama would have been acting within the law. Besides, given the number of suspicious details surrounding Trump's campaign, isn't only reasonable for the government to ensure we aren't promoting a mole into the Oval Office? Is there some deeper issue at question here or is this just one of those one-half-of-the-country-butthurt-at-the-other-half kinds of things?


No, if true as presented by djt, it would have been a felony. And djt doesn't have the brains to be a mole.


Wow. Now Spicer invents new English grammar rules! Who knew he was also a linguistic engineer?


I would assume that trump learned that the computer communications between a Russian bank and his trump towers had been monitored and that is what he is referring to. This thing just keep getting better and better.


The problem for Trump Is that by tweeting the wiretap claim, he has posiibly obstructed justice by relating confidential information, of an ongoing investigation. This is why Nixon was impeached.
@louisemensch on twitter has been exposing Trump foibles for months. Share her twitter facts widely. Thank you!