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White House Statement on Yemen Crisis Fails to Address US Complicity


White House Statement on Yemen Crisis Fails to Address US Complicity

Common Dreams staff

While aid groups remain cut off from the war-torn country despite promise from Saudi Arabia to lift blockade, Trump administration praises Saudi-led coalition

Yemeni civilians


There has never in modern times, been a more shallow, uninformed, bigoted, inexperienced, easily manipulated, fool charlatan child, or the destructive regime he installed than this ignorant fool! those who forget history are condemned to repeat it - in this case, the idiot child has no inkling whatsoever of the lessons or truthful record of history…and unfortunately, he has/will/can drag all humanity and our common environment down to his level of stupidity and destructive influence…unless those of great integrity and wisdom speak-out loudly! Silence equals complicity!


The best way to deal with the refugee problem is to stop creating refugees!
The US Fourth Reich is a world leader in creating refugees, by bombing and droning any small nation that objects to us or what we are doing to the world.
*We ensure that more are created by causing misery, starvation, disease in millions of people, most of whom neither know or care about the US Fascist Oligarchy.
*We give or sell billions of dollars worth of arms and ammo to various countries or dictators who will deal with those who do not bow to us and obey. Saudi Arabia and Israel come to mind.
*If We the People could figure out a way to force the Reich to stop supplying these arms, and to stop waging war on small countries around the world who do not agree with, or want our bases put in their country, the refugee problem would stop expanding, and if we used a few billions, currently being pumped into the Military-Industrial-Intellegence-Congressional-Executive-Complex, we could begin to heal some of the chaos our Nazi Empire and powerful Wehrmacht has inflicted on the world. If we cut off selling arms to the rest of our fascist axis, then their depredations would also slow to a stop. Perhaps the world could begin to live in peace.
*The main problem remains unchanged. Doing the above would cut into the enormous profits made from war by the above complex, and unfortunately, the government, or a powerful majority of it are run by the Oligarchy, to ensure their profit.
*My alleged Senators and Congressmen are very dependent on Boeing, Raytheon, and AIPAC for their million$ to be reelected. Should they discover some conscience and morality, their funding would be cut off and another batch of crooks found.
*Right now, the power rests with the Republicans and the cries are to resurrect the Democrats to make all well, forgetting that both parties are war parties and are into austerity for the poor and middle class, as long as the “savings” go into their pockets.
*We the People need to dump the sock puppet duopoly owned by the Oligarchy and build a government based on We the People’s needs and desires. Healthy and affordable food, education, health care, revival of the Bill of Rights, illegally suspended at the turn of the century by the Illegal, unconstitutional, and misnamed Patriot Act. (Said “act” is a modern upgrade of the “Enabling Acts” that Hitler put into place to remove the civil rights of the German People, right after Germany’s 911, the burning of the Reichstag building by the SS and blamed on a “Communist” Dutch Carpenter.)
*The alternative is to just dumbly let the Reich consolidate its Empire and accept becoming homeless, hungry, uneducated, sick serfs of the Oligarchy. Right now, we are pretty much on a knife’s edge to prevent that from happening.
*I hope everybody had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are looking forward to the next “holiday” celebrating the birthday of the "Prince of Peace."


We the People must equate both Duopoly parties with Violence and Terrorism brought on by Greed and Hatred in the pursuit of Profit.

We the People must also equate a vote for either of these two parties with the senseless slaughter of innocent men, women, and children.


The USA is the world’s number one terrorist nation in history. There are no words to communicate my hatred and disgust at what the USA has ALWAYS stood for. War and pillage for the benefit of its oligarch owners. Go to hell USA.


The US serves war, not peace. In Yemen the US/trump regime are Israeli lap-dogs, complicit to war crimes by the Saudi led war of genocide against Yemen’s mostly civilian victims - guilty of crimes against humanity. The highly malleable idiot child and fool trump has been a useful tool of Israeli/Saudi political extremism and desires to use the US to fight their wars.

In the wider MENA the corrosive/malignant influence of Israel and their Saudi allies, together with pawn/co-conspirator US, seek new war against Iran. The propaganda demonizing Iran would be laughable if not so dangerous and threatening to millions - and so profitable for a few.

The Axis of Evil lives in the US-Israeli-Saudi alliance that is the face of the “New World Order” and for-profit war.The forces that serve the MICC war-machine must create “enemies” to justify their obscene diversion of funds from civilian priorities and social needs to military, that live and thrive by death and destruction. An entire “economy” that includes careers for may has become reality based on wholesale death of others - typically those least able to defend themselves. The enormity of this reality is lost in the political diversions of propaganda, celebrity scandal, press/media failure to fully and truthfully inform, and the enormous jingoist power of the pro-war lobby.

Whether its the war crimes and genocide of Yemen or the accelerating demonization and planning for war against Iran, subversion by foreign powers, complicit US politicians and both political parties, are infected by the virus/cancer.


Lets not forget the British involvement in Yemen.


I am becoming more and more convinced every day that Orange Twittler is the Biblical equivalent of the Anti-Christ…


60 minutes should be ashamed of their episode that showed the horrible suffering of so many helpless children in Yemen without telling the truth about why this was happening.



Well there can be no doubt that much of Trumps base are Bible thumping, evangelical NUT CASES that cannot wait for the RAPTURE.


And, Canada.


Yes, and these Bible thumping, evangelical NUT CASES will be waiting one long, long time!


While no one would call Iran a beacon of freedom, they look damned good when compared with the Saudis.

And when WW3 ignites, Israeli fingerprints will be all over it.


And yet you are still not convinced? DJT has shown how diabolical, demented, and downright despicable he is…anti-christ is putting it mildly.


You are preaching to the choir…And Anti-Christ is hardly putting it mildly-


The only god that DJT worships is the god of greed/money and has little to no knowledge of Christ…at least not enough to claim to be a Christ as in the definition of an Anti-Christ although he does embody the inherent evil.