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White House to Reveal Drone Strike Death Toll, But Secrecy Still Reigns

White House to Reveal Drone Strike Death Toll, But Secrecy Still Reigns

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The Pentagon on Monday announced it would reveal, for the first time, the number of deaths caused by U.S. military drone and other air strikes overseas since 2009, including civilians, in regions that have not been declared war zones.

Funny how all of the quotes in this article take the assassination of human beings by flying robots, piloted by people hundreds or thousands of miles away, as perfectly fine. It’s normalized as an accounting problem, how the dead are sorted and tallied.

Imagine for a moment that Iran sent a drone into America to “neutralize” a prominent politician or neocon in Washington D.C. who was advocating war against them. Using our logic, Iran would be perfectly justified in doing so. Of course, if such an assassination actually occurred, the consequences would be outrage and a massive attack on Iran.

So when you really look at it, you can see that the only reason drones are used like this at all, is because the countries they are used upon can’t fight back. The United States is simply being a bully, stinging other, weaker kids on the playground with its new toy.


I wish I could like your comment twice.

This has to be taken away from the military and CIA assasinos.

If you want a bench warrant on a world citizen supply evidence to the world court. Expect judicial review and prove your case or quit whining about how afraid you are.

Get a Frickin WARRANT

So after 7 years the people are suddenly to believe what the Pentagon releases as IT’S numbers on “militants killed” are premised on fact? Mass murder is to become nothing more than an exercise in “creative accounting” very much like they way the account for the monies they spend in each year.


Some truth in what you say, but another truth also exists. All drones flying and killing are in those countries because of an invitation from the leadership of those countries, who also set guidelines for who gets attacked. For example, Nigeria invited the US to fly drones over it’s northern regions to kill Buko haram. Yemen is fighting an insurgency using US drones. Same with Afghanistan and Iraq. Some argument could be made that those who decided to invite the US to “assist” with policing, were not representative of the populations that risked attack from those planes, but that is an altogether different problem.

Someplace somewhere there is a mid-level manager thinking “how many innocents can I justify dead, maimed, traumatized, when killing a warrior?” And they are all strangers to him.

Actually, Ms Monaco said “both combatants and non-combatants”, without defining “combatants”. So a US drone strike can kill a group of peasants fighting with one another, and call the victims “combatants”. Ditto for ANY hostilities, irrespective of a perceived threat to the US.

And regarding the number of drone-strike victims who have been civilians, it seems to be all of them.

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Pentagon releasing death tolls? In a pig’s eye…the last time the DoD and the Pentagon released figures on dead and injured was during the Viet Nam military action because the media reported daily on the war so there was no getting around the reality of lives lost and harm done. (The arrival of flag-draped coffins at Dover, Delaware was also televised with reverence.) They never released (or recorded) the number of lives lost/injuries on the “other side.” As for non-combatants, My Lai was the only situation where there was a true death toll, which also had the Pentagon up against a wall after the massacre was revealed. Currently, there is no true or verifiable reporting of victim casualties by the US military or media. Cannon fodder (drone detritus). In any case, the Pentagon will be sure to make it abundantly clear that everyone killed was an “enemy combatant/terrorist.”


Somalia you say?http://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-35748986, the BBC agrees with me. These 150 died without trial from US drones under the direction of African Union troops that the US and Somali leadership supports.

Secrecy, JFK gave a speech on secrecy,comparing our ‘open’ society with the closed,secret society of Stalinist Russia. Now, using National Security as a ruse, the USA govt has become a cabal of secret missions. No wonder Snowden is pursued and Manning is in prison. They and other whistleblowers pull back the curtain on the evil deeds of Empire. But as long as we have media shills to cover for the Pentagon and pusillanimous congressmen, nothing will change. Presstitutes all.

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