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White House Tried to Interfere With FBI Investigation of White House, Officials Say


White House Tried to Interfere With FBI Investigation of White House, Officials Say

Nika Knight, staff writer

White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus contacted the FBI and asked them to deny reports that the Trump campaign was in contact with Russian intelligence agents before the November election, CNN revealed Thursday, citing multiple U.S. officials who asked to remain anonymous.


It is hard to decipher allegations of Trump connection with Russia, it could all be instigated by the Zionist neocon war mongers. In my view the conflict of interest with conducting his business is a far greater crime that should be more than enough cause for his impeachment.


Beware those who immediately try to muddy the waters and make following a trail a matter of unproven conspiracy theories.

When it stares you in your face don't turn your head and look somewhere else just because you want to see something standing there instead.

If Trump finagled with any foreign government for any reason that is impeachable. Did he with the Russians (our right wingers in action don't you know)? Did he with commercial interests foreign or domestic?

Impeachable and it is getting real. So spare us the muddy water of conspiracy theory and let's let the arrogant boob sink his own ship on his own.


"Such a request would mark a stark breach of protocol put in place to ensure that FBI investigations remain free of political interference."

Commence the Kabuki theatre where we pretend the FBI is, or ever was, free of political influence. We are to blame for letting this crap pass on a day to day basis, if only for our team.


That's right. Why don't we apply that to ALL politicians? Nothing makes me sicker than the hypocrisy here--as if Trump was the first. What a joke. ALL of them should be on trial--Trump, Clinton/s, Bush, etc., etc. The selective rule-of-law is disgusting hypocrisy and everyone seems to be involved.


This is yet another sign pointing to a massive cover-up of Russian influence on the election. There is probably a small group of insiders who actually know what took place and a much larger group who don't know but are acting to protect Trump in order to further their goal of tearing down the federal bureaucracy involved with social programs and protecting the environment. Priebus in probably in the latter group and is simply following instructions from above. He seems like a textbook definition of lackey.


I think you are correct, in spite of all Trumps faults, the last thing the war mongers, like McCain the insane, want is peace with their favorite boogeyman, Russia.

From my perspective, the strongest reason for Trumps impeachment, is his blatant and malicious violation of the emolument clause.


The GOPigs are still investigating clinton's fargin emails for love's sake rather than any attention to trump's numerous conflicts of interest and potentially treasonous actions! Is this the change you trumpers bargained for?
..................I didn't think so..................

You R'Cons better remember that what goes around comes around..........if only we have a strong and actual opposition party rather than a complicit bunch of gutless wonders.............MoFo's!


Yes i agree and as you say, we should focus all our energy on the emolument clause violation to impeach Trump.


On the contrary i think both the CIA and FBI are thoroughly compromised and infiltrated by agnets loyal to the state of Israel.


I find it ironic that , because they lost the election, the Democrats have suddenly become latter days "Tail Gunner Joe's ". They couldn't possibly have lost the election because they screwed Bernie and nominated a lousy candidate. Had to be the Russians! Robert Parry must be freaking out.


I would love to see something that showed me that the old rules that held the country together, still apply -- that the checks and balances are still in place. I just can't think of any logical reason to expect it.


That's a complicated issue, and we're firmly in the era of "keep it simple." In the 2016 election, we were given two candidates who were deeply opposed by much of their own voting bases. Half of all voters saw no choice but to vote third party or withhold their votes. In the end, Clinton won the majority of votes, the Electoral College votes went to Trump, so that's what we're stuck with.

And yes, the media hit a low point in journalism when they ran with the "Russia stole the election!" nonsense.


18 U.S. Code § 1510 - Obstruction of criminal investigations. This is the law they broke. Must be nice to be a "law"-maker and have the absolute right, unlike our privileges what Americans call rights, to break laws without prosecution.