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White House Visitors

White House Visitors

Christopher Brauchli

A free press can be good or bad, but, most certainly, without freedom it will never be anything but bad. . . .
— Albert Camus, Resistance, Rebellion, and Death

When the press were simply reporting as anecdotes the transgressions committed by those in power, there was helplessness about it. There was no suggestion when Ford was helping the Nazis or the Koch brothers dealing behind the Iron curtain, that these folks would be brought to justice.

That is how things were.

Now that American Lives are on the line, when such a large percentage population is literally fighting for their lives, they want media accountability.

But the media continues to do what has always done.

Not the Helen Thomasses that have become the intercept. But the Hearsts who have become the Murdochs, and the Comcasts.

It is the alignment of the humanists versus the non humanists(only mes).

We have very few who see that the betterment of the masses ensure a better life for themselves.

The “elections” could entirely disappear as the illusion of freedom that the media have been selling vaporizes.

The digital age can afford us a more accountable democracy.
But some reason we still need business cards.

Dictators recognize Trump for who he is - one of them.
They salivate over striking a deal with that make them more powerful.
The ejaculate over the tools that America has to subvert an independent population.

The citizenry does not realize that they are captives of the system.
those that do find they have no tools to fight the system.

The press that is on its knees blowing trump everyday is not the press that Brachulli belongs to, but the one he bemoans.
The fact that there is such a press, and they are a steady diet for so many is the truly “unbelieveable” thing in 2017, instead of what Trump uses the word for on a daily basis.

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Mohamad Morsey? Please. Surely Brauchli knows it’s Morsi, not Morsey. Maybe we should spell Brauchli’s name Brauchley?

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