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White House Vows to Veto DC Statehood Bill Ahead of Historic Vote

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/25/white-house-vows-veto-dc-statehood-bill-ahead-historic-vote

Statehood or Independence! Choose one. Same for Puerto Rico.



First of all: taxation without representation is the current state of affairs nationwide, where the working class pay taxes without any, ANY representation at all. The working class, together with the lower middle class together comprises 70% of America’s population - both completely and totally disenfranchised and unrepresented. This cannot be resolved by giving DC state status, not for DC or the 50 states.

Secondly: It had been the intention that the Capitol District showed no preference and therefore was not granted statehood so as to remain neutral, which is of course ridiculous - the preferential treatment is toward corporations, money, not individual states, and statehood won’t resolve that either.


Corporations and the 1% now enjoy representation without taxation, which is also tyranny.


Give the areas of D.C. comprising the Capitol Building, the White House, the State Department, the Congressional Office Building, and K Street independence, while giving the rest of it statehood. The former always seems to act like its own little country anyway!

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Prefer to dibby up the city to Maryland, Virginia, etc.

Move national capital to intersection of Minnesota, Iowa and South Dakota.
On the job six days per week while in sessions.
Ultra slim legislative staffing.
Senators and representatives and all executive branch live in tents.
Committee hearings - everybody stands except those who cannot.
No lobbyists permitted physically inside the new federal zone.

So far, good.
Now to meals. - meager, MRE’s, eat standing up.


I say we divvy up the real estate, then completely abolish and dissolve the Federal government.


And that would solve the problem of the ultra-undemocratic electoral college!

Also reduces support for all sorts of unsavory regimes across the globe!


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YES TYRANNY! Give us the 99%, the liberty to tax the !% and the corporations like Amazon BEFORE THEIR TYRANNY KILLS US ALL!


I wonder if it might have something to do with the number of non whites populating D.C.
Added to vote counts.


Hammer, meet head of nail.

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"D.C." a government of, by, and for the politicians.

All 536 of them.

"Den Of Corruption."

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Seems like another item on a very long list that could have been passed when Obama had control of the Senate and House.


A capital offense

Democrats only act like progressives and pass progressive legislation when they already know it will be vetoed and never become law.