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White House Works to Line Up Support for 'Win-Win' Iran Nuclear Deal


White House Works to Line Up Support for 'Win-Win' Iran Nuclear Deal

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer


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I was reading Michelle Bachmann’s comparison of Barack Obama to the German co-pilot and all the supposedly vitriolic response to her deranged assertion. But to my mind the response pulled its punch-- typically-- and was not vitriolic enough. It is fear-biters exactly like Michelle Bachmann, and there are a lot of them, who want to bring down the whole plane, don’t want to talk with Iranians ever, don’t want to face up to negotiation in the way that the late Richard Holbrooke did, just want to put on the air of being tough dogs and tough persons, the most cowardly pose of all.


And it would be simple to provide such perspective within the confines of standard mainstream reporting: Cite the leaked conclusions of highest-level intelligence agency reports from within both the Israeli and the US establishments, concluding that Iran IS NOT and for many years HAS NOT engaged in any nuclear weapons development activities.


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Why is the our side so sure that whatever the other side says, they still want abomb? I think the answer is fairly obvious, if they were Iranians the would sure as hell want a bomb, if for no other reason to deter the very real threats of Israel and the menacing US who refuses to renounce first use of nuclear weapons. There are certainly forces in Iran which argue just this point. The Ayatollah has apparently argued against these forces on higher moral grounds, saying that a weapon of mass destruction is unIslamic. I hope they prevail.

Hans Blick. the weapons inspector in Iraq had a further suggestion for thc Iranians, and if there are any Iranians reading I hope they will be considerate of these recommendations. Hans believes that if the Iranians would pursue thorium powered breeders with very low proliferation potential, because they burn up almost all the fuel that they generate, they would have a more convincing case that they don’t want a bomb. The best thorium burner concept is the LFTR. Read about it in energyfromthorium.com. Under the provisions of the new agreement the Iranians are free to pursue peaceful uses of nuclear energy. If they pursue LFTRS they would have a powerful demonstration that their intent was peaaceful. Forget about Light water or heavy water nuclear reactors and help move us to a future where abundant, safe and clean nuclear energy can provide a better future for the whole of humanity. It’s the Islamic thing to do.


Whether or not the intelligence on Iran’s nuclear ambitions were ignored is less important then the fact that the threat and a real likelihood of war with Iran may have been averted. I don’t know the real reason(s) for the US to abstain from an attack as it didn’t with Iraq under similar circumstances.


This just in. “The Man behind the Curtain” has finally reigned Obomber in, and refused his request to bomb Iran:



Canada’s widely exported CANDU reactors are heavy-water systems. So merely equating “heavy water” with “weapons” is nonsense.

As for pursuing thorium reactors, the roots of Iranian nuclear technology reach back to the original US-backed Atoms for Peace program, where France’s Framatome was contracted for the construction of the Darkhovin reactors. To suggest a switch to a completely new technology (again) is to suggest Iran set its nuclear power program back to zero, and chase an unproven technology.

All because the US/Israel is illegally holding them to ransom. Maybe the US/Israel//NATO/EU could just BUTT OUT.


The US foreign policy has nothing to do with truth and never has done. This is about applicable narratives. People who try to point out “the Truth” are at best dismissed, at worst killed. So exposing the truth has no useful outcome.

Therefore you have to operate within the applicable narrative and take control of it.

If BO started saying Iran has no weapons programs he will be out of office within the hour, and we’d have war. Instead he focused on the flashpoints “within the story” and defanged them.

From my POV, I welcome the attempt that diplomacy is replacing war as preferred method of foreign policy. The American people might just say “hey, they don’t have horns and a tail, and we can talk to them”.

Well done to negotiating parties!