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White Nationalism and Public Health

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/12/30/white-nationalism-and-public-health

Authors apply term “White Nationalist” way too broadly over American history since about 1965.
There are about 1,000 white nationalists active. Not 100,000,000.
Voting for Trump was not for white skin color reason, It was economic. too many years of ultra poverty in fly over land, the peoples suffering thru great depression #2.

Today, what is different from 2016?
Here in the midwest, nothing is improved and there is not one sign that household income will improve for the lowest 40% of our families. They are squeezed drier than a lemon.

Democrats do have an honest opportunity to gain presidency, senators and house members. Need to inspire. Need to register our young folks to become active and take an interest in local, county, state and national affairs.

oldie –

“White Male Supremacy” is taught by all of our organized patriarchal religions –
it’s not some side issue. That is still what “Christianity” is all about and there are
70 million alleged “Christians” in the US – still sitting in their pews listening to rants
about female inferiority – about homosexuals – and when the crosses come out
understand that they are meant to fill us with FEAR – all brainwashing is based in fear.
And remember that the same “Christian cross” is used by the KKK.

We have a Congress/GOP still actively stealing native land – stealing their natural
resources – intruding on their reservations - still breaking treaties.

Also recall that the first attack on Muslims came with 9/11 – exposed almost immediately
by those taking a second look as a “false flag” event to preserve wealth of the owners
who would have had to take the WTC towers down by using scaffolding – in other words,
taking them down as they were put up – piece by piece. Demolition was not to be permitted.
But as every right winger recognizes, their destruction usually provides other opportunities –
like stock market wins because they have advance information. And there was said to be a
lot of gold in WTC #7. They could also foresee that it would be an opportunity to begin a huge propaganda campaign against Muslims.
And they did exactly that – immediately.

Certainly “immigrants” were a major issue for those who voted for Trump – after all, he’s
building the wall he promised them to keep them out. They’ve been told that they’re taking
jobs our citizens would take, but that’s a lie. They’re taking jobs that our citizens don’t want
and won’t take – and corporations/wealthy (like Trump) found that they could hire them with
less compensation and that they would be obedient because many of them feared being
returned to their homelands, or having their status here challenged.

Our Democratic Party knows what needs to be done – they’ve always known – and they’ve
always NOT done it. Why expect something different now?

As fast as new voters are being signed up, the GOP is wiping them out in purges – and with
gerrymandering and election theft.

IMO, you can label all of this as insanity of one kind or another –
What is at the heart of this dismissal of all of nature, the planet?
What is at the heart of this vicious cruelty that our alleged “Christians” in the WH and Congress
put on display every day?


Thank you,
The folks in the white house are not Christians.
It has been a very long time - a couple generations - since USA could be described as a Christian nation. Materialism, secularism, modernism or like terms describe our society.

The young people are really darn good. Hard working, intelligent, sophisticated. I am not too worried about the future, long term. The next five years is a bumpy ride for most of us.

Oldie –

Unfortunately, our Congress is huge majority – 90% still? – White Christian dinosaurs.
At least they allege they are “Christians.” And you don’t have to pay that much attention
to them to realize they have a full based blazing program going on which is anti-female.
Anti-AA in destruction of voting rights – and anti-native people.
And certainly anti-IMMIGRATION where Trump was actually suggesting that some of the
asylum seekers should be shot!

This is a Congress and White House taking all of this White Male Supremacist agenda
quite seriously – drastically seriously enough to deny women THERAPEUTIC abortions
to end wanted pregnancies when something goes very wrong late in the pregnancy.
In other words, these men are willing to enter a new age when women would die because
abortions were illegal, but they – many of them young girls – sought them anyway.

And one third of Trump’s support is Evangelicals – who are they but white male supremacists?
They want America run by the book – the Bible. They not only want to put a strop to abortion;
they want to end birth control. Who are these people who call themselves “Christians”?
As I remember them they are the Christian crazies who speak in tongues and who were the
scamming “faith healers.”
Do we see any signs that they care about their fellow human beings?
Do we see any signs of an end to their cruelty and ignorance?
While they believe literally in the Bible as the word of god – they have no problem attaching
themselves to a criminal in the White House, someone who is accused of sexually assaulting
a few dozen women or more – rape as well. Even rape of his first wife and domestic violence.

Do we see any signs of sanity among these supporters of Trump who applaud his calls for
violence, applaud his name-calling of others, and who have no problem with his warmongering
around the world?

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The American public needs to wake up and see that we are getting close to becoming a dictatorship. We need to unite and stop fighting among ourselves and remove Trump and his blind followers before it is too late!

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If ones interpretation of a Christian, is a follower of Jesus Biblical teachings, that is certainly true. I think Mr. Hedges nailed it when he labeled them: CHRISTIAN FASCISTS!

Thank you.
I am quietly reviewing the attitudes of our local elected and appointed officials. If these are not listening here, how can we expect anyone in DC to, listen?

And that is exactly what has happened beginning with Hillary moving into the white house January 1991. The f bomb princess broke the white house china both physically and ethically.

Then came Cheney with his war. Our cost is over 5,000 lives lost and seven trillion dollars plus interest to pay off.

Bushie permitted unlimited greed at wall street and banks. Money disappeared to Dubai by the planeloads of pallets having $100 bills in tidy bundles. They did go to afghan !! Just to land and refuel.

Now we have an ultimate scoundrel as president. Giving us a TV reality show for ratings.

If he makes us cry - he wins.

His appointees pour gasoline onto the fires. They are not Christians seeking peace. His staff goes for discord, mayhem and wars.

Five more years of turmoil is on the front stove burner.

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