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White People, Have It Your Way: Cops Bought Dylann Roof Lunch At Burger King


White People, Have It Your Way: Cops Bought Dylann Roof Lunch At Burger King

White Privilege Part 564: When police arrested evil white boy Dylann Roof for the slaughter of nine people, they bought him a hamburger at Burger King - he was unhurt but hungry - before giving him a bulletproof vest and gently helping him into a cruiser. When police arrested Freddie Gray for walking down the street while black, they flung him headfirst into a van in handcuffs and leg irons before giving him a rough ride and severed spine that killed him. No burgers. So we shouldn't be surprised at the new hashtag gone viral in black communities: #WeWillShootBack.


I am white woman with white privilege.

I do not want to see a race war but I do think all people should have the right to defend themselves. I feel it is ok to preach peace and nonviolence and to try to do the right thing by peaceful means for everyone’s sake. It is a noble and brave cause to attempt in this country.

However, when you keep letting others slap you around because they know they can and they know you will not fight back then they will keep slapping you. Then one day they will murder you because they think they can. It only stops when you start fighting back. Been there done that.

As distasteful as it may seem to others, mostly white people, I will support those in the Black community who feel the need to defend themselves and if need be I will be at their sides……if they will ‘allow’ me to help in defending a community, a church, and a people from scores of years of undeserved violence against them.


The boy’s first terrorist training was done in the home. Police brutality against people with rich melanin complexion merely reinforced the hatred that was instilled in him from the moment of his arrival.


Abby, leaving aside the heinousness of Gray’s mistreatment (for which that White Lieutenant should take 90% of the fall, but won’t), it’s not impossible that the cops bought Roof lunch because he was being docile and they recognised that he’s psychotic, thus not properly responsible for his actions. I.e., they may simply have been being humane, and would have been similarly humane to anyone in a similar state. Or, they may simply have been following policy, able to do so because his docility didn’t give them an excuse to become enraged.


Isn’t docility, or lack thereof, a direct result of how the police are treating a person to begin with? The idea that a red-handed black (or near-Asian Muslim) suspect of a massacre (especially if the victims were white) would not immediately be subject to some very rough treatment at the hands of the cops does not pass the believability test. Yet somehow, because the perp was a pretty white boy, who killed black people, they treat him like a guest of honor. As far as food - they have cheap bologna sandwiches in the jailhouse. and what with the loaned bulletproof vest???

And as far as the guy being psychotic, there is no evidence of the level of delusion, paranoia, hearing of voices or other symptoms that would meet the criteria for paranoid schizophrenia or other psychoses. His actions were based on the racist and vile, but unfortunately technically sane, logical discourse heard on any of a number of radio personalities, FOX News, Tea Party Sites, and the very active forum “Stormfront” which is more active and has more active menbers than all the US leftist fora - from CD to Znet to WSWS - put together. Youthful impulsiveness, some neuroses, and easy access to concealable guns (a simple handgun barrel length law, like Canada has would save many lives) completes the picture.


If getting him a burger helped in getting a confession, it was worth it.
The body armor was probably to guard against a possible Oswald/Ruby situation.
Agree that Roof doesn’t seem psychotic. He’s a murderoous racist who wants to feel important.


There was plenty of other bomb-proof evidence that is better than a confession, including a security camera and eyewitnesses, motive evidence and the weapon and ballistics. And it is odd that someone could be hungry in the situation he was in. I guess someone with a psychopathic personality disorder might though.


In other words they had empathy for the person who committed these acts.

This same empathy would not be granted to a black man even if docile or mentally disturbed. The police actions here show they CAN have empathy when they choose to countering the narrative advanced after beatings and shootings of unarmed suspects that there was no choice and that said officer had to react quickly to some perceived threat.

Which is in and of itself a display of racism and which is the point of the article.


A confession provides evidence about state of mind and motive and can be used to counter a possible insanity defense. Presumably at the time of his arrest the FBI didn’t know about Roof’s website, and didn’t know yet if the .45 seized in his car was the weapons used in the massacre. And I don’t think his hunger need be connected with psychopathic personality disorder.


Apparently serving him wasn’t against anyone’s religion.


Funny thing is, the majority of America’s very poor are white, and they just aren’t getting that whole “white privilege” thing. It has been “open season” on our homeless poor for years, most of whom are white, as they’ve been beaten, killed, by police and citizens alike, to the flat indifference of the general public. The millions of white women who are relegated to our bottom-wage jobs don’t feel particularly privileged. Of course, the fact that cops provided Roof with lunch proves otherwise.


Now we know that hamburgers equal racism. Or something. Actually, it’s the norm under certain circumstances for cops to provide food to someone taken into custody. If the individual goes directly to a jail cell in a situation that requires little paper work (i.e., a minor offense), they are then provided with a sandwich, etc,. in the cell.


White people don’t have to think about race. Black people have to think about it all the time. Perhaps that is white privilege?


Do you really think the Good Cop likes the prisoner more than the Bad Cop does?


If you want to argue diagnositic criteria, you need to take some grad-school psych courses first. People who are in good shape don’t do what he did.

A psychosis is a state of disconnection from consensual reality that pretty completely impairs the person’s ability to function in the consensual social world. Someone who believes he’s a rabbit, or hears voices in his teeth, but keeps it to himself is delusional but not psychotic in a practical sense. He’s still functioning unexceptionally in the consensual world.

Someone who goes to a prayer meeting and appears to participate for awhile before declaring that Black people must be got rid of because of their danger to Whites, shooting a number of them, and is then taken prisoner peacefully, is nuts.

He’s demonstrating some major delusions (Black people are a danger to Whites; he can personally reduce or eliminate that danger by shooting some of them dead; White people will applaud his actions), and no sense of self-preservation, the latter something we hardly ever see except in suicide bombers and Buddhist self-immolators. Suicide bombers are sacrificing themselves for their oppressed people —oppression that’s objectively real and widely acknowledged. Self-immolators are sacrificing themselves for humanity, something fully within the Buddhist tradition.

White supremacist hate groups have no comparable supportive context, so the very fact that he chose to commit mass homicide was anomalous and outside the usual pattern. Supremacists like to waylay and kill individual Black people because it’s safer. They’re serial killers, if they’re killers at all.

And if there was some reason (there wasn’t) for him to commit mass homicide, he should have tried to shoot his way out and died in a hail of police bullets or committed suicide when all hope of escape was lost, as Hitler and other Nazis did. That would have been consistent with the supremacist mythos. But he didn’t. His behavior simply doesn’t fit a real supremacist pattern.