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White Privilege 101: How To "Survive" Killing An Unarmed Black Man With His Hands In the Air on Video and Somehow Continue Insisting You're the Victim


White Privilege 101: How To "Survive" Killing An Unarmed Black Man With His Hands In the Air on Video and Somehow Continue Insisting You're the Victim

Betty Shelby, the white Tulsa cop who shot and killed Terence Crutcher for being a big black guy and then claimed he “caused his own death,” is not just free and back in law enforcement, but teaching a course to other cops on "Surviving the Aftermath of a Critical Incident." In it, she talks about "the challenges she faced" after her "incident" - the (brief) loss of pay, the stress of being "tried in the court of public opinion” - in order to give "enlightenment" to other cops planning on murdering unarmed black people, because America.


“We have to keep in mind at all times that we are not fighting for integration, nor are we fighting for separation. We are fighting for recognition as free humans in this society.”
Malcom X.

Half a century later and black people are still murdered with impunity. Perhaps it is time to consider the possibility that America is simply irredeemable, and that attempting to civilize it is ultimately futile.


Although white cops murdering black males with impunity is widespread in the USA (an unarmed young black male is 9 times more likely to be shot by cop than anyone else, 2015 numbers) at least one murderer in Texas is getting justice.


I wonder what this cop did to lose his cloak of impunity? Far too many others remain wrapped in theirs.


wow—“surviving the aftereffects of a critical incident…” is that what she calls her class…? oh, Betty, I don’t think you’ve had YOUR critical incident yet----
I wioder how and when karma will kick in.


Why is there still a “debate over possible racist bias in the U.S. policing”? There is no “debate”. Debate or talking about bias is over because it is the reality in the U.S. Period. Racism permeates our entire society and culture. And it is intentional and kept going by the capitalist system of elite subjugation of all the peoples. It’s just that the people of color are the easy targets to keep the poor white people in line until the oligarchs get around to them last.




Puncture oligarchs and suck their money juice out, bottle it (in bank accounts) and nurture the common folk.


Is there a single good cop in USA?Probably there are a few, but they are very rare.


¿ And then what?

That sentence needs some clarification.
Does it mean that a young black male is 9x more likely to be shot by a cop than shot by anyone else? That doesn’t appear in the statistics for South Chicago.

Does it mean that a cop is 9x more likely to shoot a young black male than to shoot anyone else? That might be true. Statistics show that the odds of anyone getting shot by a cop are much lower than they were 20 years ago.

I am amused by your choice of words. Doesn’t “in bank accounts” imply the existence of ‘banksters’? Do you want to rephrase that, in order to put that money into common folks’ hands and control in some other way?

I have questions. This news article answers the first one

" Before reaching a verdict Wednesday night, the nine white and three black jurors asked the judge if they could explain their decision in court.

The judge told them they could only announce their verdict in court but said they were free to explain it publicly following the trial’s conclusion."

Three blacks were on the jury. I wonder what persuaded them to vote to acquit. I scanned the article. I did not see the jury’s explanation for their verdict.