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White Privilege and the Limits of Public Forgiveness


White Privilege and the Limits of Public Forgiveness

Nathalie Baptiste

In America, public forgiveness is largely dependent on race. In the weeks after Darren Wilson shot and killed unarmed black teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, last August, pundits and media outlets were quick to jump on a robbery Brown allegedly committed minutes before being fatally shot.


Excellent essay. Thanks for writing this. I will share it.


It might help if blacks were taught to speak with a British accent.


Well, those asses forgive each other. I don’t think the majority of the planet agrees. I certainly don’t.


I know this essay is one regarding race disparities, but I would like to say this about the Duggars:
These people consider women useful as long as they are spitting out babies and staying in their place. TLC promoted them at the same time the networks were loaded with wedding shows. This is what happens in a pro-natal society dominated by Christian fundamentalists. I can see how the racial disparity is correlated into the big picture. This is what happens under fascism.
I saw the Duggar’s Facebook statement.
Christians like these are some of the worst. There are some “Christians” who molest, steal, “fudge the books”, even murder - but somehow they like to believe that if they just put their little hands together and pray to their “Magic Jesus”, everything is all forgiven, even-Steven. How many murderers in prison have had their sentences reduced for claiming to have “found Jesus”? Where is the justice in this?
I don’t remember hearing about any dark-skinned people being privy to this kind of special treatment.


I stopped reading this article at the end of the first paragraph. Ms Baptiste asserts that Huckabee thinks that “(alleged) theft was grounds for death”. Mr. Brown was not shot because he stole cigars. He was shot because he physically attacked a police officer, attempted to take that officers weapon, and repeatedly made threatening actions toward that officer. If Ms Baptiste is too stupid to understand the difference between a childish and juvenile theft, and thuggish and violent behavior then I don’t carectonhearvher other opinions. Although she is only writing about some inane reality TV figure.