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'White Privilege on Steroids': Ire After Pro-Trump Mob Gets Red Carpet Compared to Black Lives Matter

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/01/07/white-privilege-steroids-ire-after-pro-trump-mob-gets-red-carpet-compared-black

The invaders, insurrectors, treason guys are very lucky to be alive today.
Interviewing veterans and a few younger gains opinions that opening
pistol fire against the building intruders was / is self defense.

The DC police training to hold back quick action is commendable
because an error cannot be a ‘do over’.

As with most american news, this will soon be forgotten.
Heck, Nancy and congress all went home !! Not interested
in any further dirt coming their way. And they all deserve our
2% approval rating.

To See Police Priorities, Contrast Capitol Mob With J20 and Black Lives Matter Protests

Hundreds were arrested on single days during Trump’s inauguration and this summer’s uprising — and just 52 were at the Capitol.


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you expected something different from the fascist police forces of America???—their job is protecting the white terrorists from the consequences of their actions while smearing BLM with lies(and killing as many black and brown people as they think they can get away with)—there was a very real reason the police gained the title of “pigs” in the sixties–the title is an affront to pigs as they are so much more honest than the police–but none the less

So, media drops down to compare race treatment by police.

No mention of Congress persons and senators cowardice, which
is evident by them all leaving DC immediately. Real stand up people
with vigor, clean up their offices, bring in all employees. Fix the windows.
Walk out onto the balcony before the new fence arrives. Dare the jerks
to return to these steps - and police can just stay home, again.

We senators and congress persons shall defend and hold this building.
against any and all terrorists, traitors, etc.

This ain’t the Alamo it was yesterday afternoon. It is fortified by resolute
individuals of all ages, colors, places of birth.

This is what should have been all over TV today.
Not the continuing saga of trump’s emotional status.
Goodness, the cable opinion channels are too darn lazy.

Why the hell did we even bother militarizing the police, if they won’t use their big toys when they actually need them?

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“We are the only thing standing between you and CHAOS”

Standing down and standing by

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Since the senate is part of Congress, they are all “Congress persons.” The word I think you’re looking for is “Representatives” (as in Representative Pelosi) and Senators. That’s what they are officially called.

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What a slap in the face to minorities in terms of the Capitol police response right after the black vote delivered Congress to the Democrats.