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White Supremacist Chaos In Charlottesville Is Just the Beginning


White Supremacist Chaos In Charlottesville Is Just the Beginning

Adele M. Stan

Arriving in downtown Charlottesville about a half-hour before the scheduled noon start time for the Unite the Right rally on Saturday, it was clear that violence was inevitable. I rode past a throng of men with semiautomatic rifles slung across their backs, and a group of left-wing counterprotesters bearing sticks and clubs.


While it took a while for the Prez to even read somebody else’s words to finally, yet limply, condemn these Asshole Nazi Wannabes, it would definitely behoove the Veterans of Foreign Wars, if no one else, to explain, to any and all, that Our Entire Nation sacrificed the lives of over 400,000 of Our Citizen Soldiers to Repudiate and Defeat the Nazis during WWII, and that anyone who dares Glorify them in THIS Country is a Disloyal, Treasonous Bastard.


Excellent point! Why? Not a peep out of the vets of world war two?


I guess the cops did an excellent job of guarding that tree. Completely useless. :confused:


At the coming nine cities where Alt-right and Nazi demonstrations are planned, if all counter protestors stayed home and let the demonstrators burn their candles and wave their flags alone, they would be seen as political masturbators.


Valuable reportage, even if Stan can’t resist dissing armed resistance in the face of a violent threat.

Force is a fearsome choice, but we have a right to defend ourselves and others with it, in a principled and disciplined fashion.

I realize that’s a bit too neat, but I think the fundamental proposition holds.

I didn’t know that the ACLU had opposed the moving of the rally. I thought that their involvement was solely on the grounds of the prospect of it being disallowed.

As such, I don’t feel their stance can be justified, given the probability of mayhem at the original downtown location, with its problematic layout.

Of course, violence would have erupted at McIntire Park, as well, and “law enforcement” would have still done shit all to mitigate it.

But the ostensible reason for moving the rally was to decrease the exacerbating physical conditions at Emancipation Park, and why the ACLU would have felt that these bastards’ “free speech rights” trumped that aim eludes me.


So you issue a permit for protest but can’t qualify the permit?-----like no guns or anything considered a weapon???So there is Cornel West in the middle of all this yet I only saw him interviewed on DN-and wouldn’t it be interesting to get some interviews of those in these right wing groups—we get all this stuff from the media experts but nothing from the principles. I would like to thank Joy Reed for calling out Bannon and other Trump people----she was quickly put down by a rightwing reporter on Meet the Press for going beyond Trump,but she held her ground------and I’m sure this would be frowned upon by the corporate overlords. Republicans,Democrats,and the media have all been using race and division for their own gain and profit.


In Europe, USA fought for the sake of UK, liberated France so it could invade Vietnam, and it was USSR that defeated Nazi Germany, although USA did fight and evicted the Nazis from lands USA filled with its own troops.

In the Pacific, the 1937-1945 period was the most intense part of a European colonial war that USA joined at least 90 years before. It was USA that recruited Japan into the game of empire and helped train its armed forces.

WW2 was a truly strange war in that, at least at the beginning, the opposing bad guys were worse than our bad guys. By the end of the war, our bad guys were worse than their bad guys because we had the power and they no longer did. In particular the US strategy of making large numbers of civilians the targets was highly illegal by international and US law at the time (and since). After 1945 USA made the civilian kill strategy once again permanent; it had used it against Americans until they were almost completely wiped out by 1905. This is despite studies that showed the civilian kill strategy does not win wars, destroying an opponent’s military does.

US WW2 vets accomplished far less than US propaganda claims it did, with far less lofty goals overall. To its credit, the Marshall Plan helped millions survive the next few years and rebuilt many economies. The motive was partially humane, but likely also because one cannot make or take as much money from poor people as one can from people with a lot more money.

The youngest US WW2 vets are about 90 and there are not many left. It is a bit much to expect them to play a role.

Soldiers are trained and brainwashed to be gangsters primarily loyal to their own gang, and not to their country if ordered to betray it, which they have done many times. Most veterans are far more like the white supremecists than those who oppose them. Fortunately there are exceptions, such as Andrew Bacevich after his son died killing people to recruit for al Qaida, ISIS, and the like, the Winter Soldiers, and Ray McGovern. About 10 years ago Elizabeth Samet wrote a book describing her experiences as a civilian English teacher; she mentioned that the three most popular heroes among the cadets were MacArthur, Patton, and RE Lee. She thought these young men and women were great people who taught her something about humanity.


BTW the statue removal vote was 3-2 with Mayor Signer one of those voted to keep the statue.


I agree.


Referred to VFW itself, not WWII vets specifically.
Good reply, though.


The author states about Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings “where he quartered the enslaved Sally Hemings in a windowless room adjacent to his bedchamber, where it is believed she bore him six children.” It is not just “believed” she bore him six children,
it has been proven via DNA evidence. This glaring error ruins an otherwise good article.


When the other nine locations are identified, I hope resistance will be ready.
This is not going to go well or easy. Fascism has to be destroyed.
Capitalism needs to die.
Sorry didn’t mean to respond to your comment. meant to address the article in general.


Shunning is an age old tribal
Technique to marginalized those at the extremes of society without jeopardizing the lives of others. How many people would have been there if they were ignored? Engaging them gave the fringe what it wanted. Bad idea. If counter protests or demonstrations are desired they should be scheduled at a different time. If none had shown up the news would have been: 300 right wing extremists morn the loss of a confederate statue. They chanted slogans which were bigoted. They appeared to feel they were victims of something. Fortunately none was injured.


I appreciate hearing your insights.


Good point, contrain.

Small mistakes make big differences.


Sorry helen wrong response.


“In the end we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends” – Martin Luther King jr

There can be no compromise with evil…


Well, a lot of those vets have passed on.


My 91 year old father WWII vet passed in 2016.
He would be aghast at this current nazi crappola, at Twitler and the rather full up swamp of greed creatures in DC.