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White Supremacist Holocaust Denier Likely to Become GOP Nominee in US House Race


White Supremacist Holocaust Denier Likely to Become GOP Nominee in US House Race

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

A Holocaust-denying white supremacist, Arthur "Art" Jones, is the only Republican primary candidate running for the U.S.


And no mention of the thousands of people of other religious who lost their lives.


He’s scum. (And don’t feed the trolls.)


No doubt about it, with the #1 fascist in the White Supremacist… White House.


Well now, another fine example of the republicans and their agenda. The snakes are coming out from under their rocks in spades. To quote Zappa (sorta), I ain’t black but there’s lots of times I wish I weren’t white. For me this is one of those times, when white America refuses history. But that’s who we are. We hate anything that isn’t white or christian or male or rich or made in america or isn’t wrapped up in red, white and blue or reads higher than the 5th grade level or can think for themselves or the list is endless…we hate and those things we hate we deny there(their) existence. I hope he gets elected. It would be interesting to see how long he lasts before given a higher post somewhere in the executive branch.

It just ain’t right if it isn’t left.


Yes, the fact that Neo Nazi Jones is running as a Republican, is just more corroboration of the Chomsky quote: " THE REPUBLICAN ORGANIZATION IS THE MOST DANGEROUS PARTY IN THE WORLD."


“or reads higher than the 5th grade level”

The late Joe Bageant once said of the people he was raised with, “Half of my people read at the 5th grade level. The other half don’t read so well”.



The Third District is represented by Democrat Dan Lipinski a bluest of blue dog Democrat. The District has been in the pocket of the Lipinskis for decades. Before Dan the District was represented by his father who it seemed was in office forever. It is highly unlikely this Nazi will win. Of much more interest is the candidacy of Marie Newman’s challenge to Lipinski in the upcoming primary.


What about the gas chambers and mass graves?
I’ll pass on your denialism and white supremacy/Nazism.


And that is the truth!


re “The Blues Brothers said it best.”

Jake and Elwood for POTUS!


Check out his picture : the face of Hate.

Never forget it.


If you are a White Supremacist or a neo-Nazi…that never happened and is just more fake news!


I guess that the still-living witnesses to trucks modified to funnel their exhaust into the cargo box and locking Jewish Poles into those trucks to die by co2 poisoning are just liars. The witnesses to ushering Jews into the gas chambers are just liars. The witnesses to the massacres in the ghettos are just liars. The films of SS troops lining up Jews in front of large open pits and shooting them in the head must be doctored fakes by Zionist extremists. So many liars out there! What is a good Nazi to do to counter so many defaming lies about their spotless characters?! And lies by JEWS to boot! Two thousand years of history can’t be wrong. The Jews deserved to be massacred for the plague during the middle ages. They deserved to die in Russian pogroms (but then because the witnesses were Jews, those pogroms never happened. Just a bunch of Cossacks having a good time on Saturday night.). In fact, the entire history of the oppression of Jews in Europe is just a made-up fairy tale, told by Zionists to justify the existence of the state of Israel. Yup, the Nazis have been unfairly defamed. They were just good folks trying to do the best they could while being unfairly attacked by allied forces. Hell, they are such good folks that they are now the standard-bearers of the all-American republican party. No wonder everybody hates the Jews!


I mean, honestly, the GOP needs to just change their symbol from an elephant to a swastika, and begin using the Nazi salute when saying the Pledge. Seriously. White nationalists, neo-nazis, racists - not to mention child molesters/pedophiles and sexual predators thrown in for the hell of it - can they be any more fucking obvious about the true nature of their party?


Don’t even give this Neanderthal the time of day. They live to be able to spout their hateful lying ideology - ignore them and they eventually go elsewhere. If you believe in an afterlife - and I do - all of them will have to answer to a higher Power for their complicity in the murder of millions. Because taking part in the cover-up of an atrocity is just as heinous as the atrocity itself.


How can more Jews than lived in Europe have been killed in German prison
camps? There were Jews in the German army. All the wars we suffer are a
very good way for some people to make lots of money. All of the wars that
the United States is involved in now are big money makers for the military
industrial complex. Why is the United States in so many wars in the Middle
east? What is it about but making money for the rich? … while our
children get killed and we lack funds to take care of our problems at
home? and the rich get even richer.


Who do you think the prisoners were idiot? What a stupid troll


Yeah, maybe perfectly in the White House- but not with the sane rest of us.


Another denier and liar found. That is not real democracy you want, it’s called fascism.