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White Supremacist Holocaust Denier Likely to Become GOP Nominee in US House Race


Some people are really good at insulting people, but not capable of doing
any investigation. There is a great deal of evidence that what I say is
true. Books on the Holocaust far out number the ones that give evidence
that it is all a lie. There is a great deal of resistance to questioning
the reality of the Holocaust story. To say anything against the Jews is
anti Semitic and in some places this is a crime.


I have a reading recommendation for you.

The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank.

If you don’t weep by the end of it, there is something very wrong.

I must warn you however, she’s Jewish.


Seriously, go cluck yourself okay? You’re beyond redemption you nitwit.


To say anything against the Jews is anti Semitic and in some places this is a crime.

Yes, it stands to reason that a person who relegates an entire people to one label to be judged as in “the Jews” should be regarded as being a bonafide bigot.

Enjoy your freedom to speak as one, but don’t hold it against an entire people as if it is their fault.


Anne Frank was taken to a prison camp but she was not killed. Those people
who hid her were not Jewish. Goyim can be good people. Jewish people can
be cruel, as can be people in any group. The treatment of the Palestinian
people by the Zionists is cruel and I think the United States should not be
sending the Israelis weapons to kill the Palestinian. All of us that share
life on earth should be kind and respectful of each other.


If it weren’t for the fucking Nazis, Anne Frank wouldn’t have had to be in hiding and wouldn’t had her life end as a 15 year old girl.

Anne Frank’s world view, her philosophy in regard to what ought to be regarded as just in society was far more sophisticated and true than any garbage uttered by a Holocaust denier bigot.

Good fucking grief, you actually make a point of giving credit to the jerks that forced her into imprisonment. They killed her, got that?

And you have the audacity to utter that last sentence. Spare me.

What, the families being assisted while in hiding didn’t give credit to the fact their keepers weren’t Jewish? Really don’t understand why you are telling me the obvious here.

You do understand, that not all Jews are Zionists, nor does the State of Israel equate to being Jewish, right? There are millions of Jews in Israel who do not approve of the State of Israel’s treatment of Palestinians and work for a resolution, and peace.

But hey, it’s too difficult for a bigot to give them credit.


Thank you!!!


Well considering all the evidence, including documents and films the nazis themselves concerning the people they killed, there was a genocide of the jews and mass killings of many other people. Stalin also committed genocide against the jews and mass killings of other people. All documented.
There is no evidence that no holocaust happened.