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White Supremacists, Armed With Tiki Torches and Hate, Denounced at UVA

White Supremacists, Armed With Tiki Torches and Hate, Denounced at UVA

Jon Queally, staff writer

After a couple hundred white supremacists marched across the University of Virginia campus in Charlottesville with store-bought Tiki torches Friday night, their rally descended into violence after fights broke out with UVA students and others who have also organized this weekend to oppose and denounce the hate-fueled gathering which its right-wing organizers have dubbed "Unite the Right."

I’m proud the ACLU represented the White Nationalists in court.

Because, while I don’t support their position, I do support their right to express it freely.


As I’ve written so many times, “read German History between the wars and on into WW-II.” It started small there, but got a demagogue that encouraged it and, like Topsy, “it just growed!” That’s what is happening here.
*In Germany, by the time sane people realized what was happening, the SA was too big to stop and “Seig Heil!” was the order of the day. It took a world war to get rid of it, and now it seems to be reincarnating here, and the growth pattern seems the same.
*Despite what the fascist Right would have you believe, we do have a Constitution with its Bill of Rights. Let’s use it, dammit!


The ACLU takes on the difficult cases, remember the Nazi attempt to March in Skokie, Illinois.


Right on the money Jack. I always say, America can never change unless we realize were are NOT the good guys as we’ve been brainwashed to believe. I think that would be a good start. What I don’t understand is how certain people STILL idolize Hitler (and the Nazi movement) when history has clearly shown him to be a loser and a coward. Doesn’t that make those who idolize him losers and cowards too? Their behavior certainly shows them to be losers and cowards.


I share your concern, I really do but leave it to the immature American fascists to make clowns of themselves. Can anyone imagine the brown shirts walking around with Tiki torches? What did they do, go down to Wall Mart and whip out their Platinum Card and say, “Give me a couple hundred Tiki torches; Yuppies uber alles!” I have a long term conversation going with an old friend of mine, what’s worse-Nazis or clown Nazis? We haven’t come to any conclusion yet.



History has shown that there is no limit to the amount of damage that “losers, cowards and clown Nazis” can do. We write them off at our peril.

If somebody sneaked some Occupy Wall Street (OWS) signs into the rally police and military would be quickly mobilized to quell this “domestic disturbance” as they call it.

Since racists and bigots don’t threaten Wall Street there will be no such action taken for this or future events of its ilk.


They aren’t happy that the city council decided to remove a statue of Robert E. Lee from a park. These actions to remove statues of confederacy heroes is making everyone realize how many people are sorry the confederacy lost the Civil War. They admire these symbols of slavery and want them left in place to remind people about white supremacy. You would think after 150 years the country would be able to move on but I guess not. There must be people still hoping that the confederacy will rise again.


“That is what is happening here.”

I agree. Someone needs to write a sequel to the Sinclair Lewis book: IT CAN’T HAPPEN HERE… TO IT IS HAPPENING HERE!


It’s kind of cowardly to avoid competing with everybody by claiming “white supremacy” and white privilege. Imagine Jim Brown walking onto the football field claiming “black power” instead of relying on his own abilities…or number 42, and so on.

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Sadly these are Trump’s base.

I hate myself for saying this but, this looks like a foreshadowing of a Civil War to come.

Lord help us all.


There are remnants of the KKK and their sympathisers in every city and town USA especially in more affluent areas. The opposition to it is right to state that whiteism and elitism must be immediately and strongly opposed before it has a chance to become normalized. This is a direct outcome of racist small minded fools leading our nation.


Yes I have read it and we are unfortunately in similar situations that must show strong opposition to white supremacists that we mean business and will never back down.

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And when, through expressing it freely, their vile fascism prevails, like it did in free, liberal, 1930’s Germany - than what the fuck do we do???


Exactly. Even just the sort of stuff we see in the above videos would have been met with swift pig repression had they been leftists instead of fascists.


The fools with the tiki torches, and today with the home-made shields, are not from the affluent areas. Those fools stay safe and cool in White House offices, misunderstanding why the building is called that. They’re inciting the tike-torchers to go make a show, and that’s what’s scary.

We persist.


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and @raydelcamino, please don’t get all agitated about your presumptions. The permitted demonstration today is being broken up after it descended into actual violence and the Gov. declared it “unlawful assembly.”

At the request of a leader of the Presbyterian Church (USA)'s Peace Fellowship, I’ve posted this on Facebook:


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Maybe you should go out and join a pro-inclusivity march as a pre-emptive strike for decency.

We just had a gay-pride picnic in my city, everyone welcome, lots of people sowed up.
It was fun and a resounding signal that our town celebrates diversity and loves everyone.
Once upon a time, civil rights protestors were attacked–and the ACLU defended their freedom of speech.
Is that what you’re afraid of, Yunzer? Freedom?

I note that anti-white nationalist counter protestors are out in force in Charlottesville. Good for them.