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White Supremacists Open Fire on Black Lives Matter Protesters, Wounding Five



Compare: Minneapolis and Paris.


Is this representative of humanity's final demise ? A Hobbesian nightmare of people attacking each other, tearing each other apart, competing for scarce resources? Those of us who refuse to be part of this catastrophe must speak up and be heard, because the roars of the monsters are deafening and growing louder.


Trump is nothing but Bull Connor with a wig.


White people in the US are not being systematically oppressed by those with financial, political, and legal power. If you think differently, please provide some evidence and start a movement to fix things for the unfortunate white people being beaten down by the system.

When a gang kills a white person, that is a horrible tragedy and a crime, but it is not an assault upon the very concept of equal treatment under the law that this country was founded upon. When police murder unarmed black people because they're black, it is an assault on the very fabric that holds our nation together, and rightly should receive far more national attention than some isolated tragedy, however horrible for the people affected by it.


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I'd say poor white people are, yes. And, most black people are poor. Redistribute the wealth so there are no easy labels (like skin color) on the targets, and you'd see the cops snap to real quick.