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White Supremacy Carries More Than a Tiki Torch


White Supremacy Carries More Than a Tiki Torch

Peter Certo

Our president has no trouble naming his enemies — CNN, Rosie O’Donnell, Nordstrom, immigrants, Muslims, the all-women version of Ghostbusters, etc. etc.

But when it comes to violent white supremacists, his passive streak is impossible to miss. When neo-Nazis and Klansmen incited a riot in Charlottesville, Trump famously blamed “many sides.”


Thank you, Mr. Certo. Your points are very important ones, that we need to be reminded of, even in the midst of all of the recent displays of violence by White Supremacists. The fight against racism must also include all of the subtle and mundane hidden racism in laws at every level of government-city, county,
state, and Federal.


Not just laws. We must take on, most of all, the unthinking inclinations of everyone with racial or other unearned privilege, and that includes me.


Thank you. That includes all of us. It’s something that we should all think of whenever we see our reflection.


I would argue that you are already aware of the privilege you have, just like I am aware that being a white male from a middle class family had many advantages that others, inc. anyone who is poor, besides race, sex, sexual preference etc.
And being aware is important. It can hopefully make us think 1st before opening the mouth.


Exactly. But sometimes what I catch myself thinking is terribly racist. I have to get to the point that I don’t even think it. I have to ‘rip apart the culture and history’ of racism as actively in my quiet Yankee life as do those pulling down statues in the South.