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White Supremacy Is a Genuinely Global Threat


White Supremacy Is a Genuinely Global Threat

Tracey L. Rogers

It’s time to talk about white supremacy.

White supremacy — the belief that white people are somehow superior to people of other racial backgrounds, and should therefore politically, economically, and socially rule non-white people — isn’t going away any time soon.



So talk about it instead of skirt it.

The United States didn’t send aid containing weapons to the white supremacist murderer in New Zealand. The United States’ media isn’t acting like the white supremacist murderer in New Zealand is the good guy trying to restore democracy to a failed state. The United States didn’t spend years training the white supremacist murderer in New Zealand how to be a ‘leader’ and how to use CIA tactics to overthrow governments.

Of course what happened in New Zealand is horrid. Of course we must talk about it, condemn it, discuss what causes this malignancy, and come up with ways to stop it.

But when an article is billed at discussing global white supremacy and fails to mention how the coup in Venezuela is a white supremacist coup it is PROPAGANDA, it is diversion, it is the worse omission possible in a discussion of white supremacy on a global scale. Propaganda doesn’t have to be spreading information that isn’t true. It more often is telling the truth- just not all of it.

I could go on and on and also discuss Yemen, hatred of migrants, Palestinians, Flint, the shooting of unarmed Black men, incarceration of Native Americans far beyond their percentage in the general population, etc., etc.

I get this is a discussion of New Zealand. But if it is going to be framed as white supremacy going global- then at least mention these other aspects of global white supremacy.

This kind of narrative that poses as helpful that actually lends itself to supporting USA Imperialism just boils my blood.



One of the tragic ironies is that “the invaders” are being murdered and scorned by the descendants of invaders. My concern is the fact that this is not held up as an absolutely essential point in the societal process to rein in the unhinged fears of “white nationalists”.

One reason I feel so strongly about this is that if we do not demand that history be transmitted accurately, then these slippery spots are used by domestic powers in a wholly home-grown form of propaganda pumping with violent intent-in both methodology and goal.

Our DNA is 99.999% the same and that includes most of the creation. Our experiences are and should be diverse - we need that diversity.

There is another dreadfully sad dimension to “White Supremacy”- it is asserted as a trademark - and that is not hyperbole. It is something that is spurious and misplaced from all 360 degrees.

The western predatory capitalist system has been working assiduously for hundreds of years to divide as starkly as possible by class, using race to get there; using the practices of the Papacy to colonize according to religion, and holding tight to the vacuous greed moving forward through the centuries.

In 1996 William Ballé wrote Footprints of the Forest: Ka’apor Ethnobotany—The Historical Ecology of Plant Utilization by an Amazonian People. . New York: Columbia University Press,

I wish people would note this compendium says footprints OF the Forest. The way of knowing and sheer breadth of science in the Ka’apor way of being is stolen from by the likes of big pharma. … to rob, among others the white supremacists. This is only one example of the resulting ignorance fomented by the system to the detriment of all of us.

What the “white nationalists” are “fighting” are targets being used by the very system that is robbing them blind. Brothers and sisters, don’t do it any more. Don play footsoldier for your keepers, doing their work for them.



What can we say about a country that steals children from parents who are trying to find a better life for their families?
A country which is endangering the lives of children and their families who are seeking asylum.
Not only does our government steal children they incarcerate them in facilities which account to no one.

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I take umbrage at this. Yes the oosa was colonized and the native population from whom the land was stolen were decimated. But at what point can ordinary immigrants be considered just that. I do not consider myself as an invader only an immigrant.



Mr Trump loves White Supremacy because he hates people of color and women , no matter their color , who do NOT bow down to him .



I agree the spirit of white supremacy is getting more powerful wordwide, notably in ther US, Braxil, parts of Europe…and it sometimes has deadly consequences as in Oklahoma City, Pittsburgh, Christchurch, plus the usual racism burning black churches, separating Hispanic migrant families at the border, and opposition to refugees throughout Europe…
Part of it is ancient tribalism but part of it is also in response to Islamic-inspired terrorism that is also now worldwide, part of it is in response to massive immigration by people of a different culture, or even over-reaction to movements like “black lives matter” interpreted as white lives do not.
The solution has to include a spirit of tolerance and reconciliation on ALL sides, especially as humans are mostly the same genetically.